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Mar 26, 2006 07:39 PM

Jeff's in Norwalk

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Don't ask me where, but I read about a southern style American restaurant in Norwalk called Jeff's. Has anyone been? Is it good? I know I shouldn't ask this, because there is google, but where is it, and is it still around?
Are there side dishes that will accomodate a veg?
Thanks you guys.

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  1. Jeff's Southern Cuisine on Main Street, South Norwalk. Just across from the old city hall. Love the place. Particularly...well, everything.
    I'd say that the mac n' cheese would be fine for a vegetarian, though this isn't the first place I'd think of for a vegetarian meal.

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      Thanks, Lizzie. I know it's not a veg friendly situation, but there are meat eaters in my house who love BBQ. We went to a place in North White Plains just last night that was absolutely terrible - Jimmie Lee's. It was actually virtually inedible according to my family, and the server never even asked why he was taking back virtually untouched plates to the kitchen. Needless to say, a big disappointment because it's very near to where we live.

    2. Hi Deborah. "Good" is an understatement for Jeff's Cuisine ( I have been there several times, and it is consistently excellent. The last time I was there we popped in after a movie (it's right next to a movie theatre complex) for take-out, and as we were waiting for our order to be filled, Jeff gave my son and I a small cup of gumbo to sample. And when we left he called my son over and gave him a piece of pecan pie to take home. Fantastic food, reasonably priced, and customer service personified. What's not to like? I've attached a picture of Jeff holding a tray of his succulent ribs!