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Mar 21, 2006 08:51 PM

Best appetizing in lower Westchester?

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I'm looking to host a brunch at my house for baby's 1st birthday party. Any suggestions for good, quality appetizing in lower Westchester? A caterer that does brunch foods would also work.

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  1. There is a gorgeous appetizing place in the Quaker Ridge Shopping Center in New Rochlle. The same shopping center with the Food Emporium and Poultry Time.

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      Ah, but does it taste good?

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        Turco's in Hartsdale

        Dante's Deli on Central Ave. (across from TJ Maxx), awesome Italian, and they do catering

        Balducci's, formerly Hay Day, in Scarsdale

        Poultry Time in NR on Quaker Ridge Road is the classic (if you grew up in NR!)

        Abatino's in No. WP (next to Stop n Shop), also La Bella on Westchester Ave. in WP for Italian

        Rooster's on Gedney Way in WP will make you just about anything. Their meats & sandwiches are always good (they have their own butcher) and they take care of you and are reliable (great wraps).

        I'll bet Whole Foods in WP does catering too (love that turkey meatloaf!)

    2. If your request means an interest in smoked fish, etc., try The Cheeserie in Hartsdale.

      1. Read the post below. I totally agree about Maree in Mamaroneck. It's the real deal. You can have a real hands on experience, and they have good prices. Also good caviar. And of course, Traders has since opened in Hartsdale.

        Subject: Re(1): smoked salmon
        From: WSG138@aol.com (Warren Goodman)
        Posted: September 19, 2003 at 21:51:36

        In Reply To: smoked salmon
        Posted by Homer Murray on August 30, 2003 at 20:26:00


        Everyone's short list for the "real thing"--hand-sliced while you wait and salivate--is Russ & Daughters; Barney Greengrass "The Sturgeon King"; and probably Zabars. Here's the inside scoop--go outside the box--go to Trader Joe's--I only know of stores in Westchester County (Larchmont and Eastchester) for delicious pre-sliced, vacuum packed, smoked Atlantic salmon at $10.00 per pound--yes you read that right-- for the basic stuff, which is very good, and comes on a huge circular cardboard platter; also available in smaller packages; as well as scottish salmon, and if available, gravlax and pastrami salmon (weirdly delicious). Also, if in Westchester, go to La Maree' in Mamaroneck--a real fish smokehouse open to the public, on Waverly Ave., I think. NB These places are all within 35 minutes of Grand Central on MetroNorth, but not in easy walking distance from the train station.

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          I am grateful to see that my message from over three years ago persists on the Chowhound site; my report is still accurate, but the Trader Joe's price went up a couple of bucks per pound since 9/03.
          Warren Goodman

        2. Two of my other favorites: June & Ho and Rye Country Store, both on Purchase Street in Rye. Both have salads out of the ordinary and really good. They take advantage of seasonal ingredients and use high quality seasonings (and charge accordingly, I might add).

          1. Id like to recommend the Gallery Cafe in downtown new rochelle, they just did my sons christening party and it was truely great!