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Mar 15, 2006 07:29 PM

Great Vietnamese in Jersey!!!

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I have been looking for a good vietnamese restaurant in NYC/North Jersey since moving from DC/NOVA. I found it - it's called "saigon house" and it's at 320 route 10 west in east hanover, NJ.

I started with fresh garden rolls that were outstanding. I also had the pho which was the best I've had outside of Califonia/DC. The broth was light and flavorful and the noodles and meat were fresh.

I highly recommend this place to all lovers of vietnamese food!!!

Any other good ones around?

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  1. How about Pho 99 at the corner of Oak Tree Road and Park Avenue in South Plainfield? This is in the same strip mall as the Hong Kong Supermarket and Monsoon, both terrific places in their own right.

    BTW...the Plainfields were once a big Vietnamese area but this seems to be the last restaurant left in the area. Neighboring South Edison has a couple of good ones and a little grocery too.

    .But I have a question...what are those onions that Vietnamese places in the DC area serve? I love them and never find them in NJ. Should I be asking for something that I don't know the name of?


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      My husband and I are from NoVA/DC, and I agree it has been a challenge in finding a good bowl of pho around here. We always make it a point to get pho when we visit family back in VA. We live in Bellevile, and we usually frequent Binh Duong on the Belleville/Bloomfield border or Nha Trang in Jersey City on Newark Ave. We've tried Pho Hana at Palisades Park a couple of times, but we find the broth to be too MSG'y.

      Brian - Whenever we order pho in NJ, we just asked for sliced onions with vinegar. Sometimes they have them vinegared, other times, they just give us raw sliced onions. Hit or miss.

    2. Yes, the Vietnam restaurant (I know, really clever with the name)'s in Spring Valley, NY on New Hempstead road---exit 11 from the's in the middle of "little hasidia" meets "little haiti" vietnames food i've had since leaving portland oregon...i'll get you the telephone # and exact address after dinner this evening...

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        I had a chance to try Vietnam1 in Spring Valley...and can't say it was great but considering that I have to travel from rockland to NJ or Chinatown in is not bad and am very appreciative of the recommendation.

        Their website is (under construction
        )Address 304 N. Main St Spring Valley 845-425-7446

        1. re: engarcon

          Viet Nam in Spring Valley (304 N. Main) is our new favorite in Rockland. We liked the Spring Rolls, Papaya Salad (with plenty of shrimp) The hot and sour soup is incredible. We usually get the beef/chicken/shrimp with sticky rice combo. The place is not much on atmosphere, but very friendly staff, reasonably priced and you can order beer.

          I must try Pho, which everyone raves about - what is it/makes it good? I haven't had much Vietnamese food and would like to know about new dishes to try.

          1. re: jenhaus

            the beef fajitar is one of the best things on the menu...marinated beef served with greens and rice papers in a roll-yer-own's so good that I have to stop hoarding it when dining with others...some other dishes that are standouts there:
            -Banh Xiao (?)...Vietanmese crepe
            -Pho Tai

      2. i always go to pho hana in palisades their beef and seafood pho...also theyre porkchops are very tasty and huge portion

        1. Good news for Vietnamese food lovers -- there is a new restaurant named Mekong in downtown New Brunswick (351 George St). Food is great and reasonably priced. Parking can be a problem, but patience will be rewarded when you find a spot!

          1. There is a new place in Florham Park called Viet Ai which has great Pho (we haven't tried much else yet). Not far from Saigon House on Rt. 10, but cheaper and better, IMO. Forget the name of the street but it is just off Columbia Turnpike (the main drag), around the corner from the Exxon station.

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            1. re: jmoryl

              I tried Viet Ai and I didn't think it was that great. I had vietnamese food everywhere including Vietnam and I think Viet Ai's is your average diner style food. I think Saigon House has better food and the price isn't that much diferent. I love their grilled meats over vermicelli for lunch and they have a huge amount of entrees and apetizers for dinner. Their Pho is so good and I'm not a big Pho fan normally. My favorite staple are the Rock & Roll Beef and Ginger Chicken. I've bought a few friends there with me and they love it. It was hard for us to pick a place too since we had one strict vegetarian and one who could only eat chicken and is generally a picky eater. They really love the food for the variety of dishes and flavors. The service was very good and they the staff was very nice and professional.

              If you want to go to a more comparable atmostphere to Viet Ai with better food, I would go to Bien Hoa.

              1. re: lavie

                I recommend Saigon R in Englewood (Bergen County). A tiny 12 table place, Ms Trang the owner does the cooking herself and the Pho is really simmered for 24 hours +. A wonderful anise-accented flavor, get the raw beef on the side, and when it's dumped in the steaming soup, it cooks just enough!

                1. re: menton1

                  Ms Trang does not often cook at her Englewood restaurant. She cooks for the most part at Mo Pho, in Fort Lee, which in my opinion is currently the better of the two restaurants. While I agree the Pho is very good to excellent, and her other main dishes are very good, it is Americanzed style Vietnamese food and may not be what many people are looking for.

                  Other Vietnamese restaurants of note are Binh Duong in Bloomfield, Little Saigon in Montclair, and Nha Trang Place (my current favorite) in Jersey City -- all of which are covered on my blog. Viet Ai in Florham Park is also prett good.