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Feb 10, 2006 06:21 AM

Cholos, New Rochelle?

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I went to have my taxes done last night, and got an intriguing tip from my accountant. The restaurant is Cholos (Peruvian), the corner of Main and Lawton. Has anyone been?

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  1. My folks just told me about that place last week. I plan to go this weekend or early next week depending upon the weather. Will post.

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      Thanks! I'm sure I've at least seen the place, but just can't place it. I do lots of food shopping and taco eating on Main St. Do you know of any good tamales in New Rochelle?

    2. Ate here last week. Interesting food and a cozy enviroment. Very casual and seems to do a good business.

      Tried an olive spread covered fish. Never ate anything lavender colored before. Very nice.

      Look forward to going back.

      1. Cholos in New Rochelle is very good. Basic, not fancy but worth the trip. You;ll catch the mayor of New Ro in there!

        1. Went to Cholo's Kitchen yesterday. My boyfriend is Peruvian and he knows his stuff. He got the ceviche and papa a la huancaina (cold potatoes with a light cheese sauce) and loved them both.

          We liked the interior, it was cozy and cute.

          I am not a big fan of Peruvian but the Papa rellena was really good... lightly fried on the outside, and the meaty inside has a little lemony-creamy flavor. Very good.