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LaManda's Restaurant in White Plains

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Any Input would be greatly appreciated.

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  1. Just had lunch there a couple of weeks ago. The salad was delicious didn't care much for the pizza though.

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      don't go there. i used to love lamanda's and ordered from them a lot. one time i ordered their soup and there were a bunch of little fruit flies in my gf's soup. she took a few out. we called the restaurant, they came to pick it up and give us a new soup and also, without asking, gave us a $25 gift certificate. 10 minutes later i got a phone call from the manager cursing me out and screaming telling me that i was a lier and that i was banned from the restaurant because he couldn't find any. why would someone lie about finding disgusting fruit flies in their soup? i have never been back, am not invited back, and will never recommend it to anyone again. ugh. i suggest going to franscesca's on mamaroneck ave instead. good food and good old school atmosphere.

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        Deborah Davidson

        I don't care for LaMandas - it was about the first restaurant I went to in Westchester back in the late 70's, and it wasn't great then, even less so now. And yes, the pizza is not good. Service isn't great, and no credit cards is a pain.
        However, I went once to Francesca's because of recs on this board (about a year or so ago) and we didn't like it at all. I love dumps, but this place creeped me out. Also, it seemed if you weren't known to management you got horrible and attitudinal service. Attitude at a dump??
        For local Italian in the WP area, I would recommend Ernesto's on the higher end and Magnotta's on the lower end. Magnotta's pizza is good (you cannot order pizza or heroes in Ernesto's dining room, only the "pizza" room). Other good if not great local places are Italian Village on Central Ave in Hartsdale and Ciao in Eastchester. If you are looking for take out pizza, I highly recommend the new place in Hartsdale on the same side of the street as the train station - starts with a C I think. Order it the way I do - very thin crust, very well done, very little cheese.

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          I wholeheartedly agree on LaManda and Francesco's, wouldn't go back to either.

          LaManda's food was okay, but I don't appreciate (shades of Gina Marie) getting my entree shoved in my face while my salad fork is still to my mouth. Or, in Gina Marie's case, getting the salad and the entree whilst still on the appetizer. But I digress.

          LaManda continually rushed us, no matter how many times we went back.

          Francesco's ain't all that. Again, the food is okay, but there is like food to be had elsewhere -- Graziella, Abatino, Pierro's, TJ's, Pasta e Pesce, Via Appia (although not the last time we were there, from the sound of it), and more. The place is in bad need of renovation, and the genial welcome is reserved for the regulars.

          A Mangaria (I think is the name) has been recommended to me for pizza, but I have not yet tried it.

          Nah, don't give LaManda and Francesco's your money.

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            Dim Sum Diva

            You can also try Sal's Pizza on Mamaroneck Ave. in Mamaroneck. Haven't been to La Manada in many years but the one time we did go it was a horrible experience.

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              I've eaten at A'Mangiare. Not great but better than decent. Actually didn't have the pizza, had entrees but the pizza "looked" good.

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                I was wondering, is Pasta e Pesce still in business? I was driving down that stretch of road last weekend and don't believe I saw it up there on the hill.

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                  Pasta e Pesce is out of business I believe, at least it is no longer at the location that it was. As far as LaManda's is concerned, I always loved it there but in the last several years it has become very inconsistent. I like their pizza but their shrimp scampi was almost inedible, there was a thick yellow gel like sauce on it (there may of been butter in it but there was something else, it really was like a gel, not what I expect from shrimp scampi).

        2. I think your folks are over reacting. Until last week, it had been 15 years since I had been to LaManda's. Then, through circumstsnces that I had no control over, I had two meals in a 20 day timeframe; one luch and one dinner. For the lunch, We had apps & pizza. All great. My wife, very particular about pizza, loved it as did I. Pizza was hot, thin and the crust nice and crispy. The dinner was rolled chicken, the daily special which was their version of clams and fish over pasta, sides and apps again. And for the second time, very good indeed. For the low price, good food, and a very helpful waitstaff, I'd go back again, any time.

          And Ernestos is excellent. Try to call ahead, or ask the man himself if he is there, if they can make the stuffed veal chop. Simply the best in Westchester.

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            I've had solid meals at LaManda's as well. I love their salad, and other pasta dishes too (sorry, specifics elude me at the moment). Plus, I love the "tacky factor-" reminds me of places we went to when we were kids.

          2. We go to LaManda's all the time. It is classic red sauce Italian food in a 1940s family atmosphere. Not fancy, but we love the food and the people. The owners now have a more upscale restaurant in Scarsdale I believe and they did move some of the old line waitstaff there. I remember a time when there would NEVER be a female wait person at LaManda's. If you go and you want a little quiet go at 4 pm! Otherwise relax and get into the atmosphere! Try the salad, the mussels, the pizza garlic bread, the shrimp scampi and my favorite, the pasta with mushroom sauce. This restaurant is like an old friend!

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              Food is good.

              Ask that you not be rushed.

              You don't want your entree brought to the table when you are still eating your salad.


            2. Best cold scungili salad I've ever had. The scungil is probably canned but it is tender and just the right balance of garlic, lemon, oil, etc in the dressing. That, warm loaf of bread, couple glasses of chianti.............
              What upscale restaurant in scardale do they own???

              1. La Mandas is a great place, but it surprisingly takes a little time to appreciate it. I had to try the salad three times before I gained the respect I have for it, and now I'm literally hooked. The sauces, Pizziola, Scarparelli, Marinara and Fra diablo (just butchered their spelling) are fantastic. I've tried Ernesto's and Francesco's but wasn't as impressed as with La Mandas. Then again my review doesn't address service or ambiance, strictly a food guy.

                1. It has been a while since I have been to Lamandas. I was in about 2 wekks ago. It seems like they have had many changes. Wonder if the are new owners? The employees are not the same as before and the taste of the food has changed. Does anyone know? This used to be the place to go and you would have to wait 30 mins for a tableā€¦.

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                    We have not been there since last summer however the food at that time was still good. As a matter of fact the pork chops with vinegar and cherry peppers were some of the best I've had anywhere. Is the interior any different. I would think if under new ownership the first thing order of business would be to renovate the dining room. ( I personally don't mind it )
                    pictured: pork chops with ving & cherry peppers
                    broccoli rabe

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                      After decades of loyal patronage we finally gave up a year ago. Sly the son of the owner was just too much to deal with. He's in the wrong business.
                      Maybe they sold. Too bad for the father... He was the consummate restaurateur.

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                        We did too, used to go a lot, but when they stopped taking checks completely (after having written many over the years), was really turned off. BTW, one of the chefs is at Amendolas up the road, food is very similar and owners are very nice.

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                          A little background. We moved to Westchester in 1993 (first Scarsdale, now Chappaqua). The kids are in college now, but we have been going to La Mandas since we came to Westchester and they were toddlers.

                          It is not fancy. The service varies. The old owner, Jerry, has passed the place on to his son, Sly. Sly takes some getting used to but his heart is in the right place and he has been fixing the place up without changing it too much. That is good business sense as part of the charm of the place is it's old-time feel.
                          The reasons we have been regulars at La Mandas for almost 20 years are that (i) the food is great for what it is--red sauce Italian and pizza (I agree with a previous poster that the food has improved over the last year or so, but it was always good. The veal dishes are excellent and the chops with peppers are amazing. The salad is also top rate.); (ii) we are suckers for old-school restaurants (remember Salerno's, Jason's, Manero's in Greenwich? Loved those places and sorry to see them gone. This place is in the same mold, though less expensive than the others.); and (iii) they treat us well. Jerry is still around (go on a Monday and he'll seat you just like old times) and Sly is fine once you get to know him.

                          So, if you are thinking about giving it a try, and you like old-school red sauce Italian, give it a shot. There's a good chance you'll like it.

                          In short, it's not for everyone but if you go with the right attitude and expectations, you will be very happy indeed.

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                            I believe it is Alaroma in Elmsford on 119.... I will be heading to try this weekend...

                            1. re: JessicaL

                              It is, sorry about the name. I'll be curious what you think. We've enjoyed our meals there and it is "reasonable".

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                          I went in with my children a few months ago on a Tuesday evening when my husband had a business dinner. I was delightfully surprised as the outside is rather unassuming. We were treated with such attention and kindness. The older gentleman who seated us was so sweet to my daughter. My 11 yo son liked the scampi, and I had to defend my chicken scarpariello from his greed with my fork! My 8 yo daughter was very happy with her chicken cutlet. We returned last month on a Saturday, and it was a bit crowded. My dinner was fine, but my friend's veal spent a bit too long in the frying pan. The restaurant was very apologetic, offered to cook another for her, and took it off the bill, and I believe comped the dessert. I certainly will not hold that against them, and I look forward to going back again. No, it's not the fanciest haute cuisine, but the food is quite good, and the sauces very flavorful.

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                            Sounds like Jerry sat you. He is great. Good luck with your intended return, and hope you don't get the dark side greeting by Sly. He is the problem, and why so many regulars will no longer go back.

                        3. A loyal and happy patron since 1979. The menu only changes imperceptably from decade to decade. Sly can be gruff but he runs the place well and he treats this long-time regular warmly. I've no objections to his cash only, all must be present to be seated and no screaming toddlers rules. And the food is consistently good and well-priced. If you're looking for trendy it's not your place.