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Seeking excellent latin (not mexican) restaurant in Westchester

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I"m looking for a good latin restaurant in westchester that is not a hole-in-the wall, and can easily fit 12-20 people for dinner.. I'm the organizer of a new dining out club through meetup that focuses on ethnic food in westchester county and beyond, and am having a difficult time selecting some sort of Dominican, Ecudorian, Columbian or other Central and South American or even caribbean restaurants in Westchester. I know there's a huge latin population in both Yonkers and Port Chester.. where can I find some great latin food thats not overpriced or americanized??? I know where to go in Queens.. but what about Westchester??? help!

thanks for all replies!

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  1. Karamba on Main Street in White Plains.
    Latin American Cafe on East Post Road.
    Tango Grill on East Post Road (very pricey)

    1. Scroll down to around Jan 15 for my post on Patria in Port Chester.

      1. In Port Chester:

        Pantanal (Brazilian)
        Inca y Gaucho (Argentine and Peruvian)
        Misti (Peruvian)
        Chavin (Peruvian)

        In White Plains: Latin American Cafe (Cuban)

        All of these have been discussed at length in earlier posts.

        1. Hi Sweptaway-- is your dining club still going on? Sounds interesting!

          I've been to the Latin American Cafe-- it's very good!

          1. I think you were asking about WP and PC but if you felt like trekking up north a little, there is a Peruvian place called Intiphak on Rte 133 in Ossining. They keep advertising in the Clipper Magazine. I haven't been yet but will report back with a review when I do...

            1. Ate at Intiphak about 2 months ago, on a very hot night with no air conditioning (kind of like Peru!) Went with two friends - quality varied, but it was a good adventure, and having been to Peru, pretty authentic. Best thing on the menu was a fish entree, but I don't remember which. We're going again 'cause of that Clipper coupon, and the fact that no AC needed these days. Waitress a bit spacy, and it helped that we have some mediocre Spanish in our repertoire. While you're in the 'hood, check out Four Seasons grocery store nearby (formerly a C-Town)... great ethnic selections in all departments. Stock up on frozen tamales, hominy, exotic sodas, cheese arepas, crazy veggies and fruits...

              Nancy C

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                Thanks for this review! I'm excited to try it.

              2. Hey there.. my dining group is still going strong.. we ended up going to Incha & Gaucho in Port Chester for that particular evening.. (it was very good!) and since then have been exploring all sorts of ethnic food.. am now in search of Eithopian food in westchester.. sadly I don't think I"m going to find it! :(