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Jan 30, 2006 04:46 PM

Clifton Park, NY

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Any good spots for dinner in Clifton Park? I am open to any type of food. Price doesn't really matter as long as it isnt rediculous. Thanks.

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  1. Clifton Park is a residential suburb about halfway between Albany and Saratoga Springs, and doesn't have a great deal to offer except the usual chains. There's good pub grub at Ravenswood, a vegetarian (they say "vegetarian friendly" Italian wine bar, Antipasto, and a sushi restaurant, Sushi-no, which I haven't tried. Decent pan-Asian menu at Tai Pan. None of these places are at all expensive. But Clifton Parkers, like everyone else around here, either drive north ten miles to Saratoga Springs, with many great choices, or fifteen miles south to Albany, ditto.

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      I second the recommendation for Antipasto's (vegetarian). Terrific food whether you usually eat meat or not (go for the entrees rather than the pizza). Also in Clifton Park is Shalimar, serving serviceable Indian food.

      If you don't want to go to Saratoga or Albany, there are a couple of other places that are not too far. About 5 miles north on route 9 in Malta there is Chez Sophie, excellent french food lauded by the New York Times (somewhat pricey, but worth it). Also on Route 9 in Malta, there is the Ripe Tomato. I have never eaten there, but it has a good reputation and is always crowded.

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        Oooops.... Also in Malta, I should have mentioned Lakeridge Restaurant located in the Village of Round Lake. I live in walking distance but have never eaten there. It has a good reputation.

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          Tai pan is a good bet. Not sure of the addy though.

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          Did Shalimar open in Clifton Park? Where? I know the branches in Albany and Troy, but where's the one in C. P.?

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            It's in the Price Chopper shopping plaza (toward the KMart end). From Albany, take Northway exit 9W. Stay in the right lane and turn right at the first light into Price Chopper. Shalimar is straight ahead.

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          FYI, Antipasto does not accept credit cards. You might want to try Bellini's off exit 9 on Rt 146 ( if you like Italian.

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            The sushi place is actually called Sushi Na and is excellent. It's a tiny little place in a shopping strip just off Route 9.

            Also good is Kasa, which is in the Hannaford Plaza on Clifton Country Road. The chicken box lunch is amazing (miso soup, rice, chix teriyaki, four seafood shumai, four pieces of tempura--two of which are shrimp--and a california roll, all for $8.95).

          2. Salty's pub....hands down the best food in Clifton park