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Jan 27, 2006 01:29 PM

Best Supermarket Westchester

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Please toss out your selections. My opinion:

Stew's great for dairy and their homemade salsa, not much else. Their meat is tasteless, poor quality.

Whole Foods is fine for several products: ground nut butters, grains and the like that are available in bulk, some harder to find healthier/veggie/organic products. their meat is fine/okay quality but with a higher price than reasonable. Their produce in the main is too highly priced for what should be average quality stuff. I wouldn't go near the seafood.

In NYC Fairway does a decent job with meats, seafood, some limited healthier/veggie items and very good produce at reasonable prices. unfortuantely they are not a full service supermarket.

Can someone suggest other choices? I am beginning to tackle the towns one by one at this point. I tried 2 in Hastings without luck: organic place was tiny and over priced; Food Emp. as usual in my experience was a supermarket-lette: tiny, limited offerings and over priced.


Many thanks

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  1. Turco's in Hartsdale? Balducci's in NR/Scarsdale? Both not bargain-priced.

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    1. Funny you should mention the Hastings Food Emporium in less-than-glowing terms! I have always described it as a small supermarket that manages to have a lot: nice organic produce selection, decent deli and prepared foods, good selection of both basic and somewhat more upscale canned and jarred items. I am definitely price-conscious, and I didn't find it to be exorbitant, especially when you factor in the convenience factor (everything under one roof). **Disclaimer: I used to be a regular shopper there, but circumstances have dictated that I haven't been there in a couple of years.

      .and Trader Joe's (Hartsdale, Eastchester) OF COURSE!!

      1. can't recall the name offhand, but that big Asian Supermarket on Central Ave in Hartsdale is great. I love that place... everything asian you can hope for. It's very much like a chinatown supermarket.

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          Golden Village in the Fine Arts Movie Plaza.

        2. for produce and the best homemade deli turkey Apple Farm in White Plains-- great prices too

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            great prices yes, but also poor quality

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              I agree, the quality isn't always that good and it's so crowded.

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                Produce at Apple Farm is too mature and has a very short shelf life when you get it home. If you'll cook it right away, it may be economical otherwise you'll throw out half of what you bought in a couple of days.

          2. What town are you in? That would help with our suggestions. I won't suggest places on the other side of the county, unless that's what you want.