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Jan 20, 2006 08:06 PM

romantic restaurant in new hope, pa

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My boyfriend surprised me by booking a B&B for v-day weekend in new hope, pa. I'd love to surprise him by finding a fabulous restaurant in the area. I'm assuming it will be a busy weekend, so I'd like to make a reservation. Price not that important - maybe under $75 pp? Thanks!

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  1. Just looked some things up and found "Landings" and "Odettes" - anyone know about these?

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      My fiance and I stayed at the Woolverton Inn in Stockton, New Jersey (right across the bridge from New Hope). Their website, under the dining guide section gives a brief description of all the area restaraunts. They also link you to many of their websites. As for the Landing (I assume that is what you were refffering to), it is very good food but not particulary romantic especially this time of year when you can not sit outside on the water. Also, Marsha Brown's we felt was overpriced and the food was pedestrian at best.

      As for the Woolverton Inn, I would highly recommend it to anyone going to New Hope.

      Enjoy your stay in New Hope.

      1. re: Rob

        When in the New Hope area we always have dinner at the Sergeantsville Inn. The rest. is in a house that was built in 1734. Very cozy and romantic with new american cuisine. We also love the Woolverton Inn and try to stay there as often as we can. The first time we stayed there it was our anniv. and the innkeepers when asked recommended the Serg. Inn for a special anniv. dinner which it was. BTW it's across the river on the Jersey side but very close.

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          Ditto the raves on the Woolverton. My wife and I visit once a year. But back to the question at hand: We absolutely love Manon, right across the bridge from New Hope in Lambertville, NJ, 609-397-2596. Cozy (some might say cramped) storefront BYO, exceptional French bistro fare. If you can get the one table by the front window, you'll find it a very romantic setting indeed. Faux Van Gogh's Starry Night mural spans the ceiling. Bon appetite!

        2. re: monica

          The Landing is a beautiful place to dine in nice weather when you can eat outside on the patio - gorgeous view of the river. Or at least it was. We used to have lunch there fairly often, and the food was really good. But the last couple of times we ate there, the food just wasn't up to their previous standards.

        3. I was just in New Hope 2 weeks ago and had a GREAT dinner at "The Mansion". Ask for Scott the waiter he was very helpful. I know they have a web site so you can preview the menu.

          1. I really like a restaurant called No. 9, in Lambertville, just over the bridge from New Hope. Though the small space is not romantic, it is quite pleasant. Service is friendly and competent. Most important of all, the food is first rate!


            1. I've been a fan of No. 9 for some time now, but must alert other hounds that No.9 has become very popular. As a result, the small room is often deafingly noisy. On a recent Saturday evening, a table of six women celebrating a special event with plenty of wine and even some booze were unpleasantly loud. Even after that table left the restaurant, our waitress had to shout to be heard. I also have to question the NYC-style prices: I paid $29 for a tilapia special, served with grilled pineapple, plantain and avocado. The dish was unspectacular.

              When in the Lambertville-New Hope area, we still like Hamilton's Grill Room and Just Eat (in the Buckingham Green strip mall). Both require advance reservations on weekends.
              There are dozens of other well-regarded restaurants on both sides of the Delaware, just search the Tristate and Mid-Atlantic boards for suggestions.

              1. Sorry, that should have been "deafeningly"

                I would not consider No. 9 to be "romantic" by any stretch of the imagination.