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Jan 13, 2006 05:49 PM

sushi park commack, long island-opinions please?

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all you can eat sushi etc--
have you been there?
any thoughts?
best times to go?

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  1. I'm a sushi regular or sushi deluxe orderer at most Japanese restaurants when I go. I harbor no yearning for the exotic items. With this in mind, my criteria are that both the sushi and rice are fresh, not dried out and that the portion sizes are ample. I went to Sushi Park over a month ago for lunch and I can report that it was pleasing. The price with a grand opening 10% discount came to the $15.00 range. I preferred it to Minado, where the rice tasted dried out and Sushi Park was as good as any of the local places. Remember, Hounds, before you leap at me, what my criteria are. It is definitely worth a try. The offerings are bountiful.

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      I agree. I love sushi and Sushi Park had a very large variety of sushi, some sushi'd salads (a tuna salad with raw tuna and a flavored mayonaise/dressing was not to this "Lawn Guyland goils's" taste :-), but so many other items were that that is NOT a complaint, but just an aside to give you an idea as to the variety.) But, the fresh soups --- esp. the udon! --- along with the sushi & salads gave me no reason to even LOOK at the cooked food section. Yes, this is in the mode of a buffet, but better. The staff is sweet and attentive, and there were 5 sushi/noodle chefs working like crazy when we went there for lunch with our 14-yr.old & 7-yr-old sons. The older one tried a few new rolls --- he sticks to tuna & salmon --- and was pleasantly surprised with the eel. The younger one gorged himself on soup, beansprout salad and fruit. So, for me, the bottom line is: for about the same price as your standard Chinese buffet, you get a much bigger variety here. It is located on Jericho Tpke., abt. 1/2 mi. west of Commack Rd., on the north side. Definitely, check it out!

    2. The food is OK and the selection is large but the behavior of the people who work there is a BIG drawback. When you are seated they throw down this rude grammatically incorrect card explaining how you are being charged as soon as you sit down and will be charged for UNEATEN FOOD. Then the hostess spends the rest of your visit spying on you like Tokyo Rose to make sure you aren't filling your pockets or something and the plate cleaning threat makes you feel like you are visiting your mean Japanese MeeMaw. They pretty much start giving you the bum's rush after two plates and after the check is paid the server swings by to rudely flip over the drink menu as a signal that you are finished, I shudder at what happens to those hapless diners who dare to go back for another plate after that check is paid. Bet they end up in the Chicken Balls. So if you don't mind being treated like a convict in order to enjoy some OK sushi head over to Sushi Park.

      1. My daughter had had bariatric surgery recently and knew that sashimi was high in protein and without carbohydrates and fit perfectly into a post-bariatric surgery diet. She thought that she could order 3 slices of sahimi while I had the buffet, but Sushi Park does not allow anyone in the buffet area who orders ala carte. So I did not go to the buffet and my daughter tried with no sucess to order just a few slices of sashimi. The also was impossible. She then ordered the "regular" order of sashimi which was 5 times the amount of fish she could possibly eat. My daughter had asked prior to ordering exactly what kinds of sashimi were in the "regular" order and was told tuna, snapper and salmon. The order took forever and when she opened her take-out box it did contain the fish she expected, but also included octopus and crab the smell of which made her ill. I went back into the restaurant with the order and said this was not what she wanted and they took the box and supposedly removed the offending items, but alas when my daughter opened the box it still contained crab. I used to go to Sushi Park - I guess not any more - the service is terrible and if they cannot trust a long-time customer to not give food to an ala carte orderer, they deserve to go out of business.

        1. i have been there a few times, hoping it would get better. i have been dissapointed every time. i love sushi but this stuff tasted like bait!

          1. I've been there twice. It's great for what it is-- a very affordable/great value dinner in a casual atmosphere with a zillion choices of food. Is it Nobu? Of course not, but the fish seemed fresh, everyone in my party (including kids) had plenty to eat and it was a great way to try new things. There are also numerous non-sushi dishes for those who have an aversion to the raw stuff.