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Dec 30, 2005 09:30 AM

Best Butcher in Mid/Lower Westchester?

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This was last discussed in 2/05. Are there any new suggestions for really good meats... Preferably Prime, well marbelled meats, at a relatively decent price in mid / lower Westchester? Especially steak? (By this area I mean Tarrytown and South. Not North Westchester, not Conneticut, not the Bronx.)

Whole Foods in White Plains is good, they sometimes have great cuts at ok prices, but you never know what they will have, at what price, on any given day. They are my standard for meats, but I want better.

Turco's- I don't know them too wwell. I find the store to be dirty and crowded so I only go 1-2 times a year.

Stew's is mediocre at best. I personally hate the store for their very deceptive pricing and variable to low quality on most items. Also the staff are uneducated about the products and unhelpful. And the store is painfully loud and crowded.

Costco meat is way too lean.

Is there anywhere I can get dependable, well marbelled beef, pork, and lamb?

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  1. Did I already mention the butcher (old fashioned butcher) on Mamaroneck Ave. in Mamaroneck? Don't remember the name, I can look for it next time I am there if you like.

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    1. re: dolores

      Is that Vinny? The one who carries a limited selection? Does he carry Prime? At what price?

      1. re: JMF

        Yes, I think his name is Vinny.

        I'm not sure of his selection or prices, sorry. When next in the area, I'll try to get more information.

    2. I don't want to weigh into the waters of what constitutes mid or lower westchester... so forgive me if I'm off location. But a long time ago someone on this board topped me off to a place in Rye, that is the best butcher I've found in the area. Crisfield's Meats in Rye. They can definitely carry prime if you are looking for it. And for what you are getting, it is well priced. Better than Whole Foods, from what I've found. They will custom cut the meats and even hang them for you for a few days if you request.

      It's on Purchase Ave in downtown Rye. Kind of hard to find, but they can give you directions if you call. I've included a link below to a post I wrote up about it in September. Hope this helps.

      Crisfields Prime Meats
      61 Purchase St.
      Rye, N.Y. 10580


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      1. re: adamclyde

        I second Crisfield's. Much better than Whole Foods. Pricy, but worth it for what you are getting. I think it is the best butcher in the area.

        Some people below mentioned Vinny's in Mamaroneck. The meats there are good, but not generally prime quality. Not as expensive as Crisfield's. Still good though, and certainly better than you would get at Stews, Turco's, etc. But the problem with Vinny-- he carries no stock or selection. You can't just walk in there and ask for something. He won't have it. He also doesn't keep any meats on display in his cases... everything is in the back, so it isn't the type of place you can just walk in and look for something that appeals to you that day. He is fine though if you call up and place an order in advance. We have bought plenty of steaks, legs of lamb, pork roasts, etc. from him, and have been quite pleased. Again, though, he is not on the order of Crisfield's.

        1. re: Shawn

          adamclyde and shawn,
          albeit overdue, thanks for the information. we did pulled pork back in march, but wasn't able to get from vinny--you do have to order in advance. so we went to crisfield's, and the pork butt was great. i'm going back to crisfield's saturday so i can do pulled pork again--NC style of course :)

      2. Crisfield's may have a Purchase St. address, but you can't see the store or get into it from Purchase St., which is why it can be confusing to find.

        It's actually next to the Chase Bank and access is from the parking lot behind Chase.

        Chase is on a corner. Across a small street (not Purchase) is Salzburg Bakery (very good, reasonable prices). Turn onto that street between the bank and the bakery and you'll be heading right into the proper parking lot. You'll have no trouble finding Crisfield's.

        1. North End Quality Meats, Scarsdale - not sure if it is prime but very high quality

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            Where in Scarsdale? What are the prices like?