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Dec 28, 2005 08:40 PM

Best Coffee

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Hey, does anybody know where to get great coffee anywhere in Westchester? I'm looking for mom & pop coffee houses, not starbucks...thanks

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    1. Unfortunately not in Westchester, but the coffee house in Brewster (Putnam County) on Main Street near the train station is lovely. Non-chain, friendly, cozy, delish coffee and baked goods, comfy chairs, outside seating in summer. If a google is to be believed, it's called "Boone Dog Coffee House."

      1. If you are looking for a real cup of quality coffee, I would have to recommend Gallery Cafe in New Rochelle, its over by the library.I would go there everyday if I could, but I am stuck drinking the starbucks junk all week cause I work in the city but I always go there on saturdays when I go to return my books. definately check it out. 41 Lawton Street I think...

        1. Coffee Labs in Tarrytown!! They roast their own coffee and it is the best espresso I have had in the US. You can also buy their roasted beans.

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            coffee labs- very nice owners. bring your pups!

          2. slave to the grind - Bronxville