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Dec 10, 2005 11:24 AM

Jersey City

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Great Recs for Jersey City needed desperately!!!!!!! Especially casual food/bars.

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  1. Try Laico's.....67 Terhune Ave
    Italian "joint" extraordinar

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    1. re: JC_JOE

      Fehhgedabout everything else.
      Get to Laico's, if you know what's good fer you.

    2. Presto's in Paulus Hook. Great neighborhood italian restaurant.

      1. My regular places:

        Tania's (Polish), Grove around Newark
        Rachel's (New American), Grove around Mercer
        Nha Trang (Vietnamese), Newark around Monmouth
        Baker Boys (New American), same as above but across the street
        Komegashi (Japanese), I think on Montgomery and Washington


        The Majestic - good tapas, too
        The Merchant - food's good but a bit pricy; also less casual
        LITM - gorgeous lounge, great atmosphere, mixed drinks are hit-or-miss (beer and basic drinks are fine)

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        1. re: piccola

          What good at Baker Boys? For some reason I have never been

          1. re: Produce Addict

            Unfortunately, I believe they closed about a month ago.

            They had a great brunch - all the usual suspects, but with a twist.

        2. Taqueria is excellent for Mexican but more of a takeout or lunch spot. No bar.

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            South City Grill - Newport. Its a little trendy. Also, Dorrian's on Washington Blvd- more of a casual bar atmosphere.

          2. Two wonderful Latin American restaurants on Palisade Avenue in Jersey City:
            (1) La Gloria de Mexico (Palisade at Congress Street, one block from the Light Rail Elevator). The most genuinely authentic Mexican (Oaxaca) food I have ever encountered north of the Red River. Home-made everything, including a phenomenal molle de olla (beef stew), cordero, cabrito, chicken in pipian sauce, and exceptional guacamole that doesn't skimp on avocado; and
            (2) Lenin's (formerly "Robalino's" -- an Ecuadorian restaurant and nightclub that caters to families and romantic dinner parties alike). Located on the east side of Palisade Avenue, near Franklin and Ferry Streets. Try the fish in coconut sauce!