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Dec 9, 2005 02:36 PM

mariachi loco, white plains

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Has anyone else tried their food? Am I crazy, or is it pretty good? And they deliver. I may be in love. Also, if you have eaten there and have something you recommend, please share. We had the guacamole, the chicken quesadilla, the chicken with green sauce, and a burrito. The quesadilla wasn't fried, which was a downer, but the chicken and other fillings inside were delicious. Everything else was tasty.

I don't have the number on me, but it's sort of in the shopping center with TJ Maxx on Central Ave. Just a touch north of this, actually, but you can get there from that shopping center.

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  1. ive eaten at this place a bunch of times, always enjoying the food, but most the people on this board seem to not care for it. unfortunately, there's really slim pickens in the way of mexican food in white plains, so i go there once in the blue moon. their shrimp burrito is really good (and huge) but expensive ($9 last time i got it, but you can eat from it twice). supposedly they cook the shrimps in white wine, and they're really very tasty. ive also had their vege burrito, which comes in at a whopping $6, but it's loaded up w/ mushrooms, zucchini, and other good veggies. i've also had their chilaquiles, and i think they were good as well, but it was awhile ago. just go and try something new. there's also a really good mexican spot right around the corner from ML, on cross street, cafe flores i think. you'll see it as you drive out of the parking lot - go there - the food is delicious!

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      Thanks for your report. I'll have to try out the shrimp.

      white plains isn't as mexican starved as one might think. Plus... there you are only a couple of miles from Port Chester!

      As for mariachi loco, I only ate there once... it was delivered to my office. I can't vouch for the place though. The guy got lost so by the time he arrived, all the food was cold. So all I can say is it is gross cold. But hot it may be wonderful... just don't know.

    2. I am always pleased with my meal at Mariachi Loco. There is a Mexican grocery next door too. It is in a small strip mall perpendicular to the strip mall with TJ Maxx. Most excellent guac and fresh chips. I enjoy the various burrittos and salads. Wish they would try tamales.