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Dec 9, 2005 08:24 AM

good restaurants in Piermont, Edgewater?

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We'll be in Piermont, NY, and Edgewater, NJ this weekend, and may be looking for a diner or casual restaurant in either town. Any suggestions? Thanks!

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    Michele Cindy

    These are the ONLY 2 casual great dining places in & near Piermont. Freelance in Piermont, just be prepared to wait, no reservations, or try Relish in nearby Sparkill. They are casual but not anything close to a diner. Great food, dress casual, expect dinner for 2 with apps., drinks and tip, $60-80. If you want something REALLY casual, nearby in Northvale NJ is "Greek Village" BYOB, VERY casual, but the food is good. If you go there get the grilled whole fish.

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      I'd try La Bamba, a true Chowhound place, in Sparkill. It's a small restaurant at the back of a Latino grocery store in Sparkill (town up the hill and next to Piermont). Quality homestyle Mexican (and fun to poke through the various food stuffs, etc. in the store) - the chicken/tortilla soup is a meal in itself. It was mentioned long ago on this forum, but I can't find it right now. My dad and stepmom live in nearby Grandview - when they hanker for Mexican, they go to La Bamba. It's on the main street in Sparkill, just opposite the WWII cannons in a park...


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        If you go to La Bamba, try the chicken soup. Deven and Jill loved it:


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          La Bamba is a really fun place, there's this vaguely speakeasy aspect as it's almost hidden behind the Mexican grocery store in the same space with the same owners. The food is good and they have some dishes that go beyond the standard Mexican fare. It's not fancy at all, just straightforward good Mexican, and can be a bit slow if they're busy, and there's a nice family run atmosphere. . Fiesta Mexico in Orangeburg is also good in a very different way, a highly efficient assembly line presentation of your standard Mexican fare, though they do have Americanized (meaning sweeter than truly authentic, but still pretty good) mole dishes. And everyone who works in both restaurants is in fact, as far as I know, Mexican.

      2. re: Michele Cindy

        Relish has a new chef. Have you been lately?

        1. re: Liz Johnson
          Michele Cindy

          Not lately. Haven't been there in awhile. I know they are closed on Tuesdays, but I have noticed the past month or 2 they have been closed additional days. I can't figure out why. Did they go without a chef for a bit? I hope it's still as good, I can't imagine them going for less.
          I have to try La Bamba again. I usually stop in for avacados, (there's are usually better then the local shopright when you need a ripe one).

      3. no diners in edgewater, but there is one down River Rd. on the border of edgewater and the next down over, i think, called the River View Diner - i am not a big diner fan, but have eaten here and the food is okay. there is a Baumgart's Cafe in Edgewater in City Place in Edgewater also on River Road - a casual restaurant. there is the Plaza diner in Ft. Lee which is right above Edgewater. Also, on River Rd. in Edgewater is a casual Italian place - Vespa's.

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          For Piermont - The 76 House in Tappan, NY is pretty casual and inexpensive - the food is just "ok"...but its a cool place with TONS of history and so if you are visiting the area you may find it to be interesting. The only two diners nearby Piermont would really be the Blauvelt Diner on Route 303 (decent) and the Northvale Diner just over the border (also on Route 303) in NJ. Not a huge diner fan myself - but have eaten at both of them.

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            It sounds like you are well covered in Piermont. Now, about Edgewater, I don't like the diner mentioned. Been there, done that, just don't want to go back, LOL. Forget about the diners, there are some very nice restaurants in Edgewater. Casual dining, well, that may be a bit relative, however, here's a few -- Yes, Vespa's is very nice. I haven't been there in quite some time, but I have always enjoyed it. It may be a bit more than you are looking for, and maybe not your speed, but there is a PF Chang's down there. Just up the hill on Main Street in Fort Lee is In Napoli. I used go there on a regular basis, but I haven't been there in a long time also. Any thoughts? How about some others? Eric