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Great Sandwiches in White Plains, NY

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A friend turned me on to the Royal Scarlet Deli at 99 E. Post Rd at the intersection of Cromwell Rd in White Plains a few weeks ago. They make incredible sandwiches. They have around 40-50 different types, hot and cold. One board has thirty listed, then there are around ten breakfast sandwiches, and a dozen or so daily and weekly specials. All sound very tasty and the half dozen I have tried are HUGE.

On a roll they cost around $4.50-5.00 and a wedge costs around $7-8.50. The roll sandwiches are so big that they have more meat and fixings than most wedges. I could barely finish one. The wedges are so big (high and wide and long) that you cannot eat more than 1/2 at a sitting, and that's pushing it. Seriously. They put POUNDS of meat and stuff on each sandwich.

My roll yesterday had three inches of warmed Virginia Ham covered with melted cheese, hot and sweet peppers, dijon and honey mustard, and all the other fixings...

All the cold cuts are top quality. The tuna salad was one of the best plain and simple tuna salads I have ever had, then it was layed on top with thick slices of fresh creamy mozzarella. Two bigs guys shared one wedge between us and were stuffed.

They even have several different types of Italian combos depending upon what you like, mild or spicy, cold or hot.

I know I am raving about this place... because it really is that good. It's in a class by itself. It's better than the great Sage Deli in Mamaroneck (which is now my #2 pick for sandwiches) or Dantes on Central Ave in White Plains/Hartsdale or the deli on Fort Hill Rd in Yonkers near Central Ave, (the one near those huge apartment buildings overlooking Best Buy,) and it blows away Zuccarellis on Rt 22 in Eastchester.

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  1. thanks for the heads up! I've been in that neighborhood a bunch of times for the two mexican places just down the road. Next time I'll head up for a sandwich. I've been craving a good reuben...


    1. for another great deli in white plains, try cityline deli on north broadway (right next to the sunoco). they make a terrific sandwich. i agree though, royal scarlet is great. try their chili!

      1. kisco kosher deli is pretty good too...on east post road near frozen ropes

        1. Dante's on Central next to KFC make very good sandwiches and is a great italian deli too.

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            re dantes- owner is a nut job..but yes..its a good deli

          2. Deli experience in hartsdale. Have the corn beef and partr on a roll and rus and ched; the best.

            Great joint.


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              What is so good about the sandwiches? Can you give us some more info about the place?

              What is partr? and rus? I'm assuming ched is cheddar cheese? Is rus = russian dressing? is partr= pastrami?

              Doesn't sound very good to me.

            2. The Best Place for sandwiches is Zuccarelli's Deli located on White Plains Road in Eastchester. The one thing I look for is that they are clean and wear gloves when they handle food. That to me is very important. Their hot foods are unbeleavable. The best in Westchester. I love it and I'm a true Italian.

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                epsteins makes a delicious pastrami. but carnegie's is bigger and better for the price. but for white plains, epsteins works.

              2. Agree 100% with OP.
                And the owner and help are good folks as well.
                Have stopped there for breakfast as well as "dinner" many times over the years.

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                  Yes they make a multitude of types of sandwiches, however they pre slice the cold cuts = dried out, and I got food poisining from the fresh turkey. The place seems dirty too, in addition the chicken cutlet is frozen proccessed, not what I would consider a great deli. Too many other great ethnic choices on that and adjacent blocks.