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Nov 13, 2005 10:47 PM

Bubble tea on Long Island?

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Hey all,

Tired of having to wait for a Chinatown trip to get my bubble tea fix. Does anyone have a line on a place on L.I. (preferably Suffolk County)?


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  1. There are many places in Flushing that sell bubble teas.It cuts the trip in half.

    1. Hi. I stumbled upon your question while searching for my fix of bubble tea,lol. I too am in Suffoklk and am excited to say, I have found a place here in Suffolk county!!!! It is called Jasmine's and it is located in the Charles Wang wing of Stony Brook University. Unfortunatly , we arrived too late but are looking forward to trying it asap.

      1. i am haveing the same probelm i worked at a bubble tearia in queens and im used to haveing a millon a day and i am now going throw withdrawles. the only place the I know of on long island is in Nassau and im from Suffolk as well. Anyway if your ever in Nassau at the Broadway Mall, the is a little smoothe place called Surf City. the only have jasime or black bubble tea tho. if thats any help

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          1. Hello I was also happy when i saw that surf city in broadway mall served bubble tea.. i tried it and it was horrible! i dont think he knows what real bubble tea tastes like.. the actual tapioca balls were not a good consistency.. the tea tasted like crap and i will never go back there again...
            its definitely worth a drive into flushing to get my bubble tea fix.. since i go in at night.. sago tea cafe is open till 2 am usually on main street.. they have a take out window.. otherwise ten ren has better quality but is only open till 9 or 10 pm