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Bubble tea on Long Island?

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Hey all,

Tired of having to wait for a Chinatown trip to get my bubble tea fix. Does anyone have a line on a place on L.I. (preferably Suffolk County)?


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  1. There are many places in Flushing that sell bubble teas.It cuts the trip in half.

    1. Hi. I stumbled upon your question while searching for my fix of bubble tea,lol. I too am in Suffoklk and am excited to say, I have found a place here in Suffolk county!!!! It is called Jasmine's and it is located in the Charles Wang wing of Stony Brook University. Unfortunatly , we arrived too late but are looking forward to trying it asap.

      1. i am haveing the same probelm i worked at a bubble tearia in queens and im used to haveing a millon a day and i am now going throw withdrawles. the only place the I know of on long island is in Nassau and im from Suffolk as well. Anyway if your ever in Nassau at the Broadway Mall, the is a little smoothe place called Surf City. the only have jasime or black bubble tea tho. if thats any help

        1. Hello I was also happy when i saw that surf city in broadway mall served bubble tea.. i tried it and it was horrible! i dont think he knows what real bubble tea tastes like.. the actual tapioca balls were not a good consistency.. the tea tasted like crap and i will never go back there again...
          its definitely worth a drive into flushing to get my bubble tea fix.. since i go in at night.. sago tea cafe is open till 2 am usually on main street.. they have a take out window.. otherwise ten ren has better quality but is only open till 9 or 10 pm

          1. V&T in Hempstead sells it,a large mostly Chinese supermarket

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              I'll have to try V&T - I've shopped there a few times and liked it, and I do remember bubble teas advertised in the little "food court" there, now that you mention it. That was before I became a bubble tea lover.

              Jasmine at Stony Brook is horrible, IMO. I had their bubble tea and some dumplings after class one night - yuck.

            2. Fortune Wheel in Levittown serves bubble tea. Their food is excellent, but I never had their bubble tea

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                Any updates? What about H Mart? Went with a buddy to Sago the other night and am jonesing again.

              2. Kisso, a Japanese restaurant in New Hyde Park, now sells bubble tea.

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                  There's a place down in Port Jefferson that advertises bubble tea now..haven't tried it yet. I'm the original poster, and I gave up and learned how to make my own.

                2. There is a little place in Valley Stream, called Little Nest that specializes in bubble tea, its at the corner of Hendrikson Ave and Central Ave.

                  1. Little Nest in Valley Stream on Hendrickson near the corner of N. Central Ave. They have by far the largest menu of Bubble Tea that I have seen on Long Island. It's a bit of a drive from Suffolk but closer than Chinatown. I also think that the Bubble Tea here is as good if not better than what I have had a Sago and Ten Ren. I guess it depends on what flavor you like but Little Nest is definitely cheaper than in NYC. And when I take the kids, I make out with their buy 4 get one free special.

                      1. Easy call. Bubble Tea has been available at the Food Court in the Wang Center in Stony Brook University for years. The Wang Center has a great Asian Fusion restaurant that caters to Stony Brook's many international students. They have several varieties of Bubble Tea. Visitors can eat on campus and there is meter parking right across from the Wang Building.

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                          As I said further up in this thread "Jasmine at Stony Brook is horrible, IMO. I had their bubble tea and some dumplings after class one night - yuck."

                          I did give them another try just recently when I was at the Wang center for a lecture, and the mango bubble tea I got was lukewarm and atrocious. Never again.