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Nov 4, 2005 05:29 PM

latitude 36N-Bronxville

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Has anyone tried this new restaurant in bronxville? I believe it was the old Pane E Vino.

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  1. I asked about this a few months ago, but no response. I go by it almost every day, but so many of the restaurants in B'ville are so mediocre or filled with annoying poseurs, that I haven't bothered to try it.

    From what I have seen in California with restaurants with a similar name I personally I think the idea is probably better than the execution, ie., foods from the 36N latitude from around the world.

    Although I also heard that this place is more Italian / Med. in nature.

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    1. re: JMF

      I ran into the owner the other day, one of the old owners of Pane E Vino. It turns out we went to high school together. I also found out that the buddy I was having lunch with at the time, was an ex-employee who had been head waiter / part-time manager, so we had a long conversation about the old Pane and the new Latitude 36N.

      The owner said the food is pan-Mediteranean... Italian, Spanish, Greek, Turkish, etc. The prices are signifigantly lower than Pane, but the food is not as high level as Pane at it's prime, but still pretty good, better than Pane the last two years. He said the price for a full meal and a glass of wine should run around $35 per person. Up to $50 per person if you get multiple apps and / or a bottle of wine. Most wines are in the $15-25 range.

      They made a bar / casual room with tv up front for wine, drinks, and food and casual / semi-formal dining in back.

      I think they still had the old Pane problem of absentee owners / management but they just hired a new professional manager last week.

      I think they are trying for more of a casual neighborhood place this time around.

      I will try the place in the next few weeks and report back on what my experience is like.

      1. re: JMF

        Thanks for the info. Still havent gone yet but looking forward to your insight. Bronxville needs a good place for locals. Most of the restaurants have lost their majic.

        1. re: xecuchef

          None of them ever had any magic.

      2. re: JMF

        FYI, the NY Times reviewed this place a couple of weeks ago and gave it a rating of "poor."


      3. This place is finally closed. The guys from Rosie's Bistro took it over.