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Nov 2, 2005 09:47 AM

New to Glen Cove and looking for food!

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My wife and I just moved to Glen Cove from the city and are going through a bit of food shock. Since we have been so focused on the house, we have just been ordering from east wok and some pizza place called zozo's or something. Now that we are a bit more settled, we would love to hear about the terrific restaurants, takeout, delivery, grocery stores, specialty stores, and any other helpful hints. We love all cuisines, especially Thai and Japanese. I know it is asking a lot, but we are really starting from scratch. Thanks in advance!

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  1. Matty:

    Welcome to the neighborhood. My wife and I moved to Glen Cove about five years ago and were in the same situation you find yourself in now. Based on your message, here are my suggestions:

    Japanese: We like Shiki Sushi very much. It is in the shopping center by the Wendy's across from St. Patrick's church. We order take out from there regularly and it is probably our favorite restaurant in Glen Cove.

    Thai: We haven't found anything in Glen Cove but we really like Sarin Thai down Glen Cove Road in Greenvale.

    Chinese: Although there are many options, there aren't any standouts. East Wok might be as good as it gets. Another place to try is Uncle Dai's downtown. The rest of what we've tried are pretty much of the greasy so-so Chinese takeout variety.

    Middle Eastern: We like Wild Fig as a casual eat in or take out place. They make excellent kabobs and the pides (like a Greek pizza) are very good.

    Pizza: We used to like Delicious in the Stop & Shop shopping center but it has been replaced by La Casa Rustica which is OK but not as good. All of the other pizza we've tried in Glen Cove has been OK but nothing stands out. La Famiglia downtown is OK as well as the other places on Forest Avenue. How is that Zozo place? Worth a try?

    Grocery Stores: Aside from the supermarkets, we like Rising Tide, a health food store on Forest Avenue. They stock the usual healty-type foods and have some decent pre-made dishes in the back.

    El Salvadoran: There's a neat little El Salvadoran restaurant downtown near the corner of Glen Street and School Street. I've really enjoyed the papusas there.

    Excellent Restaurants: Of all the places we've tried in Glen Cove, we've really liked Riva Grill. Every time we go, we wind up ordering the tasting menu and it never disappoints. The service has been great and the food is wonderful.

    In the area, one place that we think is spectacular is Tupelo Honey in Sea Cliff. Fantastic restaurant in every respect.

    Despite what many on this board say, we thought Page One was OK. The food was fine, the service good, and the prices are reasonable (although the menu has some crazy mix and match setup - if you go you'll see what I mean).

    Just to mention, we've also enjoyed meals at the Coppertop Pub at Coles House, La Ginestra, and Gonzalo & Joe's.

    A few places to warn about that we found to be disappointments: Adirondack Grill (overpriced, so-so food, poor service) and La Pace (overrated, dull food - on par with what you'd be served at a catering hall).

    We haven't found decent bagels anywhere in Glen Cove. Your best bets are Locust Valley Bagels or, down Glen Cove Road, at the bagel place right past Northern Boulevard.

    I hope this helps. Obviously, they are just my opinions so I'd suggest you try as many places with an open mind as you can. If you find a place you like that I haven't mentioned (or didn't like), please post a message. After five years, we're still looking for good places nearby.

    Let me know if you have any questions or want more suggestions.


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    1. re: Smokey

      Thanks Smokey! Very helpful - we cannot wait to start exploring.

      Zozo's is just so so (sorry, couldn't help it) We had some pizza the day of our closing in one of the supermarket shopping centers, I think King Kullen, that I thought was very good. Seemed to be run by a family and had a lot of school children's art on the walls.

      Luckily I work in Soho so I can still grab some dumplings or hit NY Noodletown. Let me know if I can bring you anything...


      1. re: mattyp


        NY Noodletown? I'll take an order of Ginger and Scallion Lo Mein. I'll be on the 6:36 train tonight. Just kidding. : )

        Glad to help. I hope you enjoy trying out the restaurants and living in Glen Cove. We've been happy living here and consider it to be a very nice place to live with very good dining options for a city its size (and out-of-the-way location).

        I agree with your assessment of that pizza place by King Kullen. Pretty good but nothing spectacular. I think that's how most (if not all) pizzerias in Glen Cove could be described. Odd given the fact that there are probably more pizzerias per capita in Glen Cove than anywhere else on Long Island.

        One other Chinese place I forgot to mention is near the intersection of Glen Cove Road and Northern Boulevard on Northern Boulevard on the north side of the street. Hunan something-or-other. Very good.



        1. re: Smokey

          A little off topic, but you should check out Stressa on Northern Blvd for some outstanding Italian. If you have never been. Just West of the miracle mile near in that strip of stores in front of Lord & Taylor or something.

        2. re: mattyp

          Matty...I can make this easy for you--but only for a few restaurants. Pizza: Abeetza, on the east side of Glen Cove Road in Greenvale, just north of Northern Blvd. Sushi: far and away the best sushi in the area...maybe in ANY area this side of a new place in Glen Head on Glen Head Ave. called Kiraku. Our favorite before this opened was Hinata in Great Neck, but the opening of this place makes traveling to Great Neck unnecessary. Our friends drive out here from Douglaston because they prefer Kiraku to Hinata. Unfortunately, there's not much good Italian food in the area, which is really strange considering the overwhelming Italian population. Marra's on School Street is pretty fair for some dishes. La Pace used to be world class--it stinks now. Same for La Bussola--lousy and way overpriced. Every Italian neighborhood has a cheap Italian place that's good. Stango's has that reputation, but is ill-deserved. It's pretty lousy. By the way, Abeetza has good pizza but not good sauces for its pasta. Even more ironic is the fact that they make home made pasta to sell. We ate pasta dishes there last week and they were horrid. Stick with the pizza. Best Chinese is also in Greenvale, on Northern Blvd., just west of Glen Cove Rd. It used to be a diner many years ago, and looks like it, but it's quite good and called Hunan Taste. In the neighborhood, especially for takeout, though, is China Palace in the Stop and Shop shopping center. Not great, but decent neighborhood Chinese. At least the Shanghainese chefs can make all three sauces: Cantonese, Szechuan and Hunan. Again, not great, but decent. Razzano's on Glen Street is decent for Italian specialties and provisions, especially meat and grocery, but their prepared foods, especially at the steam table in the back of the store, are dreadful. Oh, there's also a Karl Ehmer pork store on Glen Cove Rd. at the Greenvale/Brookville border. There's no seafood and no decent Greek/Turkish. For Greek/Turkish, definitely go to Chicken Kabob on Mineola Ave. (same as Willis Ave.) in Roslyn Heights, just north of the expressway. It blows Wild Fig (in Glen Cove) and anything else in its ethnic class away. Unfortunately, the best seafood in the general area are Riverbay in Williston Park (Willis Ave.) and Legal Seafoods (Walt Whitman shopping center in Huntington). Also unfortunate is the fact that BOTH are subpar--gives you some indication of how bereft the north shore of Long Island has become in the area of seafood. For something different, though, there's Cool Fish in Syosset, in an office park off Jericho Tpke.--quite good, though not a traditional fish house. If you find anything else that's good around here, please post. One thing that happens when you live in an area for a long time (I'm here since 1983) is that you stay away from places that used to be lousy but may have become good with new management over the years. It's possible that some of the bad ones have become good, so I'd love to hear about anything good you've discovered.

          1. re: RickTheClamBellyFan

            Rick-I agree with you on most of the things-The seafood sucks-Jolly Fisherman in Roslyn has a decent broiled Lobster though-if you can stand the moth-balls from the really old people that frequent there-I disagree with you on the pasta at Abettza the Penni Alla Vodka is phenomenal-my daughter who lives in the city has to get it when she comes out here-also I heard there was a good place in Roslyn for Lobster rolls-it's new but I don't know the name-for sushi try the place in the Harborview shopping center-I hear it's GREAT

            1. re: Kingphish

              The place in the Harborview shopping center is called Kotobuki. It's fair. It definitely does not deserve its reputation or the crowds it sports on Friday and Saturday nights. Better sushi, FARRRRRR better atmosphere: Kiraku on Glen Head Road in Glen Head. Try it once and I promise you won't brave the crowd again at Kotobuki.

              1. re: RickTheClamBellyFan

                I believe Kiraku is run by the same management as the old Shiki. Shiki morphed into another Japanese place - forget the name. Went there once and did not have a good experience. Within Glen Cove, I'd go to Fatty Fish for Sushi. Otherwise, Kiraku is the go to in the area.

                Since the OP asked about Thai, Chaopraya opened up about a month ago.

                Sarin Thai in Greenvale would be the other option, but I find Chaopraya more laid back and prefer the food.

                Iron Horse at the Glen Head train station for pub fare and German night on Wednesdays.

                1. re: philw66

                  Phil, I know this is mid-November, but on the chance that you check the boards from time to time I thought I'd ask about Iron Horse's burger. Decent? Or should I keep drivin'? I'd love to find a few good burger places on the north shore, but I'm not familiar with any other than the Buckram Stables in Locust Valley, which is too cutesy, clubby and stuffy for me--the Locust Valley lockjaw syndrome, dewnt yew knew. Yoiks, polo, anyone? Oh, but i should give props where due. Good burger, which they call the, ready?....Stabilizer. Waffle fries-regular or sweet, and other Caucasian stuff.

                  Iron Horse
                  20 Washington Ave, Westwood, NJ 07675

                  Buckram Stables Cafe
                  31 Forest Ave # 33, Locust Valley, NY 11560

                  1. re: Clambelly

                    Gallagher's Pub (don't trust my spelling) in Seacliff makes a decent burger and homemade fries.

                    1. re: Clambelly

                      Iron Horse makes a decent burger. The place is definitely not 'cutesy', serving mostly locals. They have nightly specials (German Wed and skirt steak Fri night). Not worth making a special trip for, but good fun if you happen to be in the area.

          2. re: Smokey

            Having grown up in the area, I can say that Smokey's critique is right on the mark. Yep, you have to travel down the road to Greenvale for good Thai and superb bagels - boy those bagels were great on those weekend late nights ....
            Add some old fashioned Italian - Stango's ... right in the middle of the old Italian section known as The Orchard ... the natives have gone there for years ... the restaurant has been around for over 85 of them ... Nice people. Good red-sauce place.
            Also to buy Italian goodies you have to hit Razzano's. An old fashioned salumeria ... with some of the freshest mozzerella around. You can get it as fresh as possible.
            Uncle Dai's is the only decent Chinese in town, by far.
            And yes, go to Henry's for that old-fashioned coffee shop deal. Great candy, made there seasonally. Great Easter bunnies. And a decent lunch, too.

            1. re: DaveW

              Just remembered...great bagel place opened on Forest Ave. in the King Kullen shopping center. It's outrageously expensive (as an example, egg salad is about 14 bucks a pound!!!), but it's very good. It's right next door to the world's most expensive dry cleaners. They claim to be a "green" cleaner, but man, you can BUY a new version of the garment you're having cleaned cheaper than paying them to clean the old one. Best burger around is the Stabilizer at Buckram Stables in Locust Valley. Apart from that, you'll have to search. No good diners around, but we locals are grateful that they just tore down one of the worst: Old Brookville diner, affectionately known as OBD, was horrendous, and now it's gone. YAY!

          3. Most of the Chinese places I've tried in Glen Cove are weak. If you wish to drive about 5-10 minutes west on Northern Blvd, you'll find Pearl East on your right (just before you hit Community Drive; Macy's will be on your left)- it's the best of the local Chinese places and not too far from Glen Cove.

            1. I like the old fashioned soda fountain/luncheonette atmosphere at Henry's. The food and ice cream was fine. The one time I ate at Macchu Picchu (sp?), the Peruvian place, the chicken was excellent.

              1. Rising Tide (the health food store) has excellent prepared foods.

                1. I have to disagree with you about one restaurant: Hunan Taste (not Uncle Dai's), also in Greenvale, but on Northern Boulevard, directly across from TJ Maxx is the best Chinese restaurant in the Glen Cove area. Uncle Dai's is pure crap and you'll be sitting with your elbows on the table next to yours. We take out from China Palace (deeper into Glen Cove, on Forest Avenue in the Stop and Shop shopping center...not great, but decent for "neighborhood" Chinese. In any case, far better than Uncle Dai's, which we "despai's"

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                  1. re: Rick

                    Hell, I'm old enough to remember that Hunan Taste used to be the Greenvale Diner!
                    I haven't been there in a while, but when I was, the duck was superb.
                    Uncle Dai's was for takeout/delivery only...