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Oct 21, 2005 01:50 PM

Good restaurants around Bridgewater, NJ?

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Have recently moved to the area and am looking for recommendations. Do not know where anything is, so would appreciate any input/feedback. Thanks!

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  1. I would be glad to give you some recommendations if you will give us some parameters. Please give us an idea of your preferences in terms of:

    Price range
    Type of cuisine
    Dress code
    Distance from Bridgewater

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    1. re: JB

      Try McCormicks and Schmick. Its a seafood place in the Bridgewater Commons

      1. re: LuckyLuke

        Try Trio in Martinsville(Bridgewater), Asada, a fusion Spanish restaurant in Basking Ridge, Tre Vigne in Basking Ridge, Tsuki in Bernardsville, Silk Road in Warren, & Grill 73 in Bernardsville.
        What is your price range and what types of food do you like?

        1. re: S. Piller

          Thai House, near the mall is the best Thai around

          1. re: queeks

            Er....uh... Maybe not. Thai Kitchen in Bridgewater easily tops our list.

        2. re: LuckyLuke

          I was looking for the address to Dulicia's and found this older post.

          Some very good Somerville restaurants:

          Origin: French Thai (Outstanding), Division Street - need reservations
          Chao Phaya, Thai, Davenport Street
          Thai Chef, Main Street
          Filippo's, excellent Italian, Main Street - need reservations
          Aladin, mediterranean, Main Street
          Martino's - Cuban, Main Street

          Zebra's - Delicious eclectic gourmet in Raritan (next town over from Somerville), Somerset Street (which is the same as S'ville's Main Street) - need reservations

          DeLucia's, Best Pizza, 1st Avenue, Raritan - a hole in the wall with a brick oven, making the best real pizza and calzones around for the last 60 years (or so)

          Bound Brook's Main Street is a good source for Mexican/Costa Rican chow. We like "Salsa de Vida" (I might not have that quite right).

          1. re: Steve

            Origin is very, very good, as Steve says. For a bargain, go their for lunch, and order off their lunch menu. No need for reservations. The salad that comes with the lunch entrees is nothing special, so choose the soup, which always is quite special. And whatever you do, do try their mussels. Plump and fresh, served in a broth flavored with lemongrass, basil, peppers, and with just enough kick to make your lips tingle, if you're a 'musselman' (or woman) you'll love it.
            Steve and I will agree to disagree over Chao Phaya. The Pad Thai we had there was a limp, lifeless bowl of mush. Compare it to Thai Kitchen's Pad Thai which is prepared one portion at a time no matter how many people order it, and . . .

            1. re: Steve

              Cafe Zebra in Raritan closed awhile ago. Uncle Vinny's Clam Bar in Raritan is casual and pretty good.

            2. re: LuckyLuke

              The food at the Bridgewater Mc & S is particularly bad for this chain. I work in the general neighborhood of this restaurant, so I end up eating a great many lunches there. The place simply doesn't smell clean. No other way to put it.


              1. re: vawter

                I thought it might have been a one-time occurrence but apparently not. My wife and I walked into Mc& S for a first time several months and were assaulted by a particularly unappetizing odor. We walked right out.

                1. re: mmgpsych

                  We too will not return. Food mediocre with bad service.

                2. re: vawter

                  Well, as of 2013 it's still absolutely awful. Wife and I were in the area looking for a decent meal. One chair was stained with some sort of wet grease...put it outside our the nook our table was in and nobody ever thought to take it away or clean it. Bread plates greasy with food stuck to them. After ordering oysters (yes, what were we thinking) were told the restaurant was out of lemon. Really?? Sizzling salmon was overcooked and smothered in a truly disgusting syrupy sauce that defies classification. With many diners still in the restaurant the staff apparently decided it was time to start breaking down the bar area, wheeling dirty dripping floor mats and piles of plates and glasses by still-eating diners. Had to down some chocolate afterwords just to get the taste out...but at least we paid a lot for the privilege...ridiculous price point for such a lousy experience...will never return...

            3. Have lived in Bridgewater for a number of years and we dine out quite often. Our favorite restaurant (we are there most Friday nights) is Ciao Bello on N. Gaston Ave. in Somerville. A close second is La Catena on Rt 22 East.

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              1. re: lggfly

                and right next door... Il Pomodoro, Somerville. and Thai Chef too.

              2. I am going to be in Bridgewater in early May for a function and have a Friday night where we will need to dine out on our own. Are there any good BYOs that I could take a great bottle of wine to among the suggested restaurants here? Or someplace else.

                I'm not really concerned about price. I'm looking for someplace where the food is good, decent wineglasses, and not so loud that I can't hear my wife when we talk.

                While I won't rule it out, I'm not particularly interested in pasta/pizza, etc. (more for reasons of my diet than anything else) and since I live in DC, I have access to some of the best ethnic food in the country. Really interested in chef driven restaurants if possible.

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                1. re: dinwiddie

                  I would say that you want to go to Verve in Somerville.


                  1. re: coldbeer

                    Verve is excellent but not a BYO... They have excellent cocktails. Many of the restaurants in the older threads have closed. Origins (Thai-French fusion) is nice, BYO but can get noisy. Also Kyma next door to Verve,,,BYO,,, fancy Greek with excellent fish... Ask for a table near the back right side to get away from the noise a bit. Felippos also good..italian but not typical spaghetti type place. The owner and his wife are gems... If you are lucky, he will come out and sing...The food is very good. If you want true chef driven menu, might suggest you head to Princeton area or Bernardsville/Basking Ridge area...

                  2. re: dinwiddie

                    Restaurant Twofiftytwo in nearby Bedminster wil aptly fit the bill......