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Oct 1, 2005 10:36 PM

'Q' in Port Chester

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Has anyone been to 'Q' on N. Main St. in Port Chester?

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  1. Yes, it is exceptionally good barbecue for the area.

    I personally think the pulled pork sandwich is best, but the brisket and ribs are also very good. Meat portions are large, sides are small but also good. It can be hard to get a table at peak hours, so go early or be prepared to wait. Can't remember exactly the prices, but it seemed reasonable for the quality and volume.

    My one complaint is the wacky service model, where you order up front then a waiter brings you your stuff. I'd much prefer either traditional barbecue cafeteria, or full waiter service.

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      Q is ok but if you want to take a bit of a drive go to Westport CT. This place I saw on Food Network called Bobby Q's is great! I've had good Texas BarbQ so this comes pretty close. It's great!!

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        babar ganesh

        agree with what this poster said. like the place a lot. pulled pork especially.

      2. Q is really good-we travel 20 minutes just to eat there because it is the best BBQ we have found in Westchester. The prices are reasonable and they have made the sides larger. I always leave full.
        We just ate there again on Friday.

        1. I have not been to Q but I have had takeout from Ribs on the Run in White Plains/Hartsdale border. It's on Central Ave in the shopping center before McDonald's heading south. EXCELLENT! Very tender, delicious.

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          1. re: Dawn

            Ha! Glad to hear this, because I have also recommended R on the R on this board in the past and been vehemently disagreed with. Now we have a posse! :)

            1. re: neighbor

              still must say that ribs on the run bbq is WAY TOO SWEET for my taste. i must admit that their onion loaf, when hot and fresh (not steaming in the styrofoam box on the ride home) is to die for.

              other than that, never been crazy about much of their bbq and we have given them at least half a dozen tries.

              Q, imo, is probably the best we get as far as BBQ in westchester goes...

              definitely not the carolinas :O(

              1. re: neighbor

                Never tried the one in White PLains. The one in Yonkers rules!

              2. re: Dawn

                Ribs on the run is crap! baked ribs... sickly sweet crappy sauce. greasy, slimy, crud.

              3. Well, we FINALLY made it to 'Q' in PC. YUM.
                DH & I shared 'the sampler' which consisted of 8 or so beautifully thin slices of brisket, 4 ribs, 1 chicken leg and a heaping gratin dish of pulled pork.
                We chose cole slaw (great flavor, but too much dressing which made it a bit sloppy for my liking)& baked beans for our two sides. The beans were the best we have ever eaten. Tangy & sweet but not too sweet and cooked just perfectly. Our sampler came with a 2"x2" piece of cornbread which was good, but just not BIG enough.The pulled pork was I've had north of Fayetteville, NC...there is a bottle of their BBQ sauce at every table and I sat there the entire time thinking of how I could get that bottle in my purse without anyone was YUMMY. What would have made the meal perfect??? (other than my lemonade mojito) ...some good bread to sop up the extra sauce...and since the owners of 'Q' also own 'the Kneaded Bread' bakery across the street and up a few blocks...I would think bread with my pulled pork on my next visit just might happen.

                1. Had lunch there a while back. It was very good. I had the sampler and the person I was with had the pulled pork sandwich. Sides were also very good.