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'Q' in Port Chester

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Has anyone been to 'Q' on N. Main St. in Port Chester?

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  1. Yes, it is exceptionally good barbecue for the area.

    I personally think the pulled pork sandwich is best, but the brisket and ribs are also very good. Meat portions are large, sides are small but also good. It can be hard to get a table at peak hours, so go early or be prepared to wait. Can't remember exactly the prices, but it seemed reasonable for the quality and volume.

    My one complaint is the wacky service model, where you order up front then a waiter brings you your stuff. I'd much prefer either traditional barbecue cafeteria, or full waiter service.

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      Q is ok but if you want to take a bit of a drive go to Westport CT. This place I saw on Food Network called Bobby Q's is great! I've had good Texas BarbQ so this comes pretty close. It's great!!

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        babar ganesh

        agree with what this poster said. like the place a lot. pulled pork especially.

      2. Q is really good-we travel 20 minutes just to eat there because it is the best BBQ we have found in Westchester. The prices are reasonable and they have made the sides larger. I always leave full.
        We just ate there again on Friday.

        1. I have not been to Q but I have had takeout from Ribs on the Run in White Plains/Hartsdale border. It's on Central Ave in the shopping center before McDonald's heading south. EXCELLENT! Very tender, delicious.

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            Ha! Glad to hear this, because I have also recommended R on the R on this board in the past and been vehemently disagreed with. Now we have a posse! :)

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              still must say that ribs on the run bbq is WAY TOO SWEET for my taste. i must admit that their onion loaf, when hot and fresh (not steaming in the styrofoam box on the ride home) is to die for.

              other than that, never been crazy about much of their bbq and we have given them at least half a dozen tries.

              Q, imo, is probably the best we get as far as BBQ in westchester goes...

              definitely not the carolinas :O(

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                Never tried the one in White PLains. The one in Yonkers rules!

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                Ribs on the run is crap! baked ribs... sickly sweet crappy sauce. greasy, slimy, crud.

              3. Well, we FINALLY made it to 'Q' in PC. YUM.
                DH & I shared 'the sampler' which consisted of 8 or so beautifully thin slices of brisket, 4 ribs, 1 chicken leg and a heaping gratin dish of pulled pork.
                We chose cole slaw (great flavor, but too much dressing which made it a bit sloppy for my liking)& baked beans for our two sides. The beans were the best we have ever eaten. Tangy & sweet but not too sweet and cooked just perfectly. Our sampler came with a 2"x2" piece of cornbread which was good, but just not BIG enough.The pulled pork was great...best I've had north of Fayetteville, NC...there is a bottle of their BBQ sauce at every table and I sat there the entire time thinking of how I could get that bottle in my purse without anyone seeing...it was YUMMY. What would have made the meal perfect??? (other than my lemonade mojito) ...some good bread to sop up the extra sauce...and since the owners of 'Q' also own 'the Kneaded Bread' bakery across the street and up a few blocks...I would think bread with my pulled pork on my next visit just might happen.

                1. Had lunch there a while back. It was very good. I had the sampler and the person I was with had the pulled pork sandwich. Sides were also very good.

                  1. 'Q' is quite good especially considering the dearth of good barbecue in the area. Their collards are definitely on the money. You should also try Southbound in Valhalla - possibly better than Q and if/when you are on Long Island pay Smokin' Al's in Bayshore a visit.

                    As for Ribs on the Run mentioned below, being new to Westchester we have yet to try it but I am perplexed by the mixed reviews. Is the meat smoked or not?

                    Anyway, for those of you barbecue fanatics, particularly those who are searching for the best sauce (ribs dry, sauce on the side of course)when we lived in Miami we frequented an excellent 'cue' spot on the edge of Fort Lauderdale called Tom Jenkins. It was great and their sauce was perfect - spicy, a little sweet and a bit smoky. We always wished they'd bottle it and have now learned they are. Check out their new website tomjenkinsbbq.com. The sauces will be available to order soon.

                    1. I finally tried Q last night...loved the design...but was not impressed with the food. It was just good. I probably would not go back. I have received really great recommendations from people & have been reading reviews here on Chowhound. I really was looking forward to finally eating there. Not exactly the same type of food, but I prefer the Bayou in Mt Vernon...much more down home cooking.

                      Here are my complaints....Mac & Cheese too al dente. Brisket...cut on meat slicer & too dry. The ribs, they were okay...but I expected them to just fall off of the bone, my BF had to really work hard to cut them.

                      The scene...very family oriented...yes I did go early on Sat night, but when I left at 8:30 the younger crowd was not on their way in. Would love a larger bar area.

                      Branding is great & love the "Q" tee T-shirts...just wish the food was more authentic.

                      1. Just ate there last night. It was even better than usual. Could use some better beers though.

                        1. Delicious. Love the pulled pork.

                          1. Went this weekend - brisket was a bit dry but very good - haven't found anything else reasonably close to compare. Texas chili was definitely oversalted so can't say for sure how good it would be.

                            1. I agree with Luv 2 eat...SO overrated. The place was packed when it 1st opened b/c it was new, now not so many people in line. Blue Smoke in NYC is the best BBQ for food and fun combined-hands down!

                              1. Thank you MRS for agreeing with me. I have spoken to a number of people about this & could not find one person that agreed with me. For those who have not been....get to the Bayou in Mt Vernon...as I mentioned before, cajun not BBQ, but really great. You must have the VOO-DOO wings. Also, the salad they give has this wonderful basil dressing...they use to sell it by the bottle...I love it! would be interested in hearing comments about the Bayou. If I give Q another chance I will let you know how it goes.

                                1. Allright . . . had just come off writing about Q when I come upon this thread. I've been a few times now over several months. First time I didn't love it - the brisket esp. But now I think its really pretty great. No doubt the St. Louis ribs are way better than the brisket. But man, try the biscuits with maple butter! The baked beans are so nuanced with spice and sweet and a kick that burns but mellows. Top notch staff.

                                  Anyway, MRS is right on about Blue Smoke - its outstanding - love the house made sausage. But I'd take the scene at Q any day. I'm a mellow guy.

                                  Gotta check out Bayou! Thanks.


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                                    Yup, wesfoodie, the sides at Q are very good, but you can't eat just those for dinner. If we're really in the mood for BBQ, we'd rather drag into the city to Blue Smoke, eat ourselves silly and then maybe catch some jazz downstairs. I still agree with Luv 2 Eat...at least at 1st, it was a great deal of hype at Q for nothing extraordinary.
                                    That said, I believe there is a BBQ place in White Plains, Jimmie something or other...has anyone been to that place?

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                                      I've gone to the Bayou many many times - its down the street from my place! and their food is cajun, not bbq, but they do have a very decent bbq rib entree, a pulled pork po'boy, and two kinds of chicken - southern fried, and half a bbq chicken. (their sides are wonderful too!) Its a fun, relaxed place, that has music on the weekends.. check it out - here's their menu: http://thebayourestaurantny.com/menu....

                                      Another place thats great and in the city is Dinosaur BBQ in Harlem, just off the Henry Hudson Parkway.. and I agree, Blue Smoke is to die for!

                                    2. MRS, I've heard about the place in White Plains which used to be Sweetwater's. I've yet to try it out and am not sure what I heard was great.

                                      Luv 2 Eat, I agree on 'Q', although I've only been at lunchtime on a Saturday and therefore haven't weighed in before now. Mr. dolores wasn't thrilled with his brisket sandwich, and quite frankly it didn't jump across the table to me either. It just looked ordinary.

                                      I had the 'Q fries' and while they were good, they weren't oh my stars great. The touted Bloody Mary wasn't amazing either, I asked for it very hot and had to add Tabasco AND black pepper. I did have fun drawing a picture and coloring it on the paper tablecloth. Not sure I'd go back for dinner.

                                      By the way, I loved Tamarind, which occupied that space before 'Q'. An example of an outstanding place run badly, I imagine. Sorry to see it gone.

                                      Lub 2 Eat, you're right. I enjoyed the Bayou much more and even the High Street Roadhouse. So did Mr. dolores and he's not a foodie. Oh, he didn't like the place in Valhalla either, and I wasn't thrilled.

                                      1. Ok...so I went back to Q tonight...I gave it another shot & sorry all...I really do not feel it is worth all the hype. As a matter of fact, I really feel it is very sterile. I like the look of the decor but it does not feel warm & inviting to me. It really does feel like a cafeteria...not a place you should get comfortable at. The music is not loud enough, so you hear everything.

                                        Our dinner...we shared wings...these are full size chicken wings....a total mess to eat. I would have perferred if they were cut up like more places do with chicken wings. It just makes them easier to eat. They did taste pretty good though. Had pulled pork, coleslaw & collards....did not finish one thing otr take home. BF had ribs (full of sauce, but dried out), chessy corn (watery) & collards (to much vinegar). They seem to use the same sauce on everything, so everything tastes the same.

                                        Would love to hear more suggestions for great BBQ places in lower Westchester.

                                        1. Oh, just take a ride up the road a ways to Westport for Bobby Q's. You don't need a passport or anything.

                                          1. Please don't rag on Q it was the best barbeque I've had in a while. The sausage is amazing and so is the pulled pork. The ribs are good but not nearly as good as either of the first two. If you are looking for some great salty sausage then get the sausage. If you want hickory smoked pulled pork go to Q!

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                                              back from texas and went to q for a comparison - brisket does not compare to tx (still too dry) but I thought the ribs were excellent. We go early in the evening and the sides were very good except for the beans and collard greens are a bit too sweet for my taste

                                            2. For westchester, I think Q is about as good as we are going to find. I've been there about 6 times over the last year. Interstingly, a couple of times the ribs were somewhat lacking, but most of the time they really are pretty outstanding. Now, I'm not saying they can compared to some real baby back offerings from Texas, but we are in westchester. Personally, I didn't find blue smoke better (not bad mind you), but it's a different dining experience and there are city issues to deal with.

                                              1. I am surprised no one has mentioned Jimmie Lee's BBQ in White Plains. Maybe that is because it wasn't that great. I looooove Q and will go back again and again. My only gripe is that their Mac N Cheese isn't awesome. Once had their banana pudding dessert and it was fantastic. I love Q and the main guy there (maybe he is the owner? Not sure) is always very friendly and nice. I have turned everyone I work with on to Q.