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Sep 29, 2005 08:44 PM

Any Fish Market, Specialty food shops, Meat markets in Saratoga/Albany area?

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I will be moving from NYC area to Saratoga area and while I am a little familiar with the area from the past, I was wondering if there are such things like a fish market (not a supermarket), specialty food stores, meat markets (not supermarket) and restaurant supply stores?

I have read previous posts here and I am aware of the Asian stores on central ave in Albany. I checked some out on my last trip there. Would really like to know about the other types of foodie things in the area if there are any. Thanks!

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  1. I'm not familiar with Saratoga, but in Albany the place for fish is Cousins Fish Market on Livigston Ave. There's also Captain Lee's in Latham but I'm not sure if that's still there. also in Latham, for meat there's the Latham Meat Market on Rt 9. For a neat German meat experience, try Rolf's Pork Store on Lexington Ave in the city. They have all sorts of German foods including homemade smoked meats and wurst.

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      Captain Lee's is still there. Since fish is trucked in, some days are better than others -- they'll tell you which days are best for fresh fish. Cousins is kinda not so great IMHO.

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        Sorry, but Captain Lee's closed about 2 months ago. The space is now a butcher shop, an extension of Roma's imports next door, featuring hand cut meat. The cuts I've tried have been excellent, including an excellent sirloin roast. But no fresh fish. The Cousins is about it for fish markets, but they're pretty damn good.

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          Thanks to everyone for the information. I appreciate it!

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            I wrote a little book a bunch of years ago about specialty retail food shopping in the capital district; it's out of print and out of date, but I've kept up pretty well with the subject. I live near Saratoga Springs. If you want to email me when you arrive, I'd be happy to take you around. I'm a pretty good resource.

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            Chet Mantello

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            I am from Troy and living in Corpus Christi Tx and just now was looking at my " Dont Bother Me Im Crabby" shirt , and thinking that I need to ask my brother in Watervliet to get me a new one because this one is worn out and I ALWAYS get compliments on this shirt when I wear it down here.
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            Not to mention the seafood blows away warm water seafood.

      2. Putnam Market in Saratoga is popular.
        Honest Weight Food Coop in Albany (open to the public) is terrific -- great produce, bulk everything (from flour to nuts) and an amazing international cheese selection. There's frozen sustainable fish on hand and you can order pasture-raised humanely-raised meat delivered every couple weeks.
        Troy Farmer's market on Saturdays is top-notch -- organic produce, flowers and pasture-raised meat.


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          I have to second the recommendations for Honest Weight – especially the amazing cheese. Putnam street has some nice gourmet food choices, and I know it is much closer, but Honest Weight has much better prices, and a very knowledgeable staff (at least at the cheese counter, which is where I have the most questions.)

          I go to the wonderful Troy Market as well, but I hear the Saratoga Farmer's Market (also on Saturdays) is top-notch.

        2. It's a bit of a trek, but I recommend Guido's -- on Lenox/Pittsfield line in Mass. on Rt 7 and in Great Barrington. Noone has better meat, fish, fresh goods and groceries. everything is top notch and it's a pleasure to shop there.