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Does anyone of a good seltzer that offers home delivery in the bay area?

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    1. re: vn

      Here's their link.

      We're very satisfied customers.

      Link: http://www.seltzersisters.com/

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      I've used them for over a year and love the product and the service.

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        I'm also a Seltzer Sisters customer and like them a lot. One thing to note though is that I just received a mailing that they are going to expand into grocery stores sometime soon. Apparently they have a bottle (disposable?) that can dispense without the contents going flat. That is the reason I use the service. I can't finish a 1 ltr. bottle before it loses it's fizz. Home delivery in SF and really nice customer service seal the deal for me.

        1. re: akita_guy_sf

          My dear departed father had a seltzer service years ago in the Los Angeles area and I regret not purloining a couple of the old bottles for their looks....and they looked like they'd been in service for decades.

          Alas, Seltzer Sisters doesn't deliver in the North Bay beyond Marin.