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Sep 16, 2005 10:10 AM


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Who makes the best pizza on Long Island? I've read articles in Newsday, but the reco's of Chowhound's are the way to know the truly GREAT pizza places.

I'll start with my favorite...Da Angelo's on Willis Ave in Albertson. Their Grandma pizza is fantastic!

Now let's hear yours!

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  1. Grandman pizza at La Pizzialo in Oceanside.

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    1. re: nick

      Sicilian pizza at the original Umbertos in New Hyde Park

      1. re: MKS

        not to say the best but one of the most unique eddies
        (arguably inventors of thin crust pizza) hillside and denton ave in new hyde park

        1. re: MKS

          I second Umberto. Still great after 25 years.

          1. re: NYJewboy

            How does the Wantagh location compare to the original?

            1. re: NYJewboy

              twenty five years, lolol rookie lololol

              1. re: NYJewboy

                I haven't gone there but want to go (Umbertos)

            2. re: nick

              pizzaiola is a great spot. so is paradissio in rockville centre. can't find anything as good in the city. looking fwd to my next trip home. my brother and i always go at least once when we are back.

              1. re: nick

                Well, yeah, that's a given. Umberto's, we know, is going to sit high on any Long Island list, but thanks for mentioning it again anyway.

              2. In Suffolk, my favorites are Mama Lombardi's (sicilian), Pizza Stop (farmingville) and Little Vinnie's in Ronkonkoma.

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                1. re: nypb

                  Michael's in Farmingville has a great Garlic Knot pizza. You can never get too much garlic in my opinion. The pizza maker Justin knows what he is doing.

                2. Bella Vista in Plainview by the slice. Awesome !

                  1. We're in the Huntington area, and my favorite place for a pie (dunno if they do slices) is Massa's on Jericho Turnpike just west of Route 110. The owner is a nephew of Patsy Grimaldi, of NYC pizza fame.

                    1. On the North Fork it's got to be Lenny's in Jamesport!
                      They have a very interesting variety in addition to the standards. It's a clean place with good atmosphere, friendly people and they use the best ingredients.