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Aug 23, 2005 07:28 PM

Woodstock report

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Just returned from a week and a half break up there. A few restaurants etc. to report on:
1. Sweet Sues, Phonecia. You must go for breakfast here. We were addicted to their pancakes. Truly unrivaled. We only managed to go twice. I recommend the Blue Monkey - blueberry and banana. Also, the homemade muffins are good too.
2. New World Cafe, Saugerties. Went for dinner mid-week. The food was good, but not as good as they described it to be in the menu. They claim to use only the best ingredients, what's in season, etc. The Hudson Valley Salad, while good, was overdressed. Plus, it had apples in it, which I know are not yet in season. Husband had the BBQ pork, which he liked and came with yummy vegetarian-healthy sides - beans, rice, sweet potatoes,kale. We split the "pot au chocolat" which was a thick pudding, with chocolate, a bit of cinnamon and chile powder. That's worth going for. Really delicious.
3. Farm Stands- hit Alice and Roger's in Mt Tremper. We were so lucky to be there during tomato and peach season. The produce that was not seasonal was not great.
In addition, we found a lady ("Baba") who makes and sells smoked trout out of her house, on Wittenburg Rd in Bearsville. From Woodstock, take Wittenburg practically to the end. There's a sign. A nice treat. Supposedly she makes fresh horseradish in November.

Happy eating your way through the Catskills!

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  1. Just a point of information: I picked peaches on Saturday at Meads' in Tivoli. They are also picking apples, the first of the season, ripe and sweet. I don't recall the variety, but they were smallish, hard, and crisp.

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    1. re: M-L.
      aplles in season

      I would bet my house that the apples being used by rick orlando are not from Mead, and they are definately not the early varieties which are now availible in the Hudson Valley. Nor are the Bananas or sweet potatoes. Unfurtunately their are many restaurants that claim to be local and seasonal which are most definately NOT.

      1. re: aplles in season

        That doesn't mean that Rick uses apples from, say, Chile, either. While the NY State apples may be a few weeks away, there are definitely "regional" apples from NJ,Pa, Md, Va. and elsewhere that are in season. It would be impossible for any restaurant in ths area to be TOTALLY "regional", except for maybe two weeks in September.

        1. re: Mark DiBlasi

          Although it is true that to be TOTALY seasonal in this area would be difficult. Offering the same starch and veg with the majority of the menus entrees with those items being banana what-not and sweet potatoes in August in the Hudson valley DOES NOT qualify in any way local or seasonal "Clean Food" cooking. My point is that many restaurants in this area claim to be something they are not.

    2. The corn cakes at Sweet Sues are exceptional. Friendly folks, but BYOB of maple syrup. They are super-stingy with that precious nectar!

      1. Sweet Sue's huge pancakes are excellent, but their french toast is even better. (By the way, they'll let you order a short stack for about 3/4 the price of a full order or just 1 pancake for about 1/2 price. Same goes for the french toast.)

        But for truly oustanding pancakes, no one does them better than Maggie's on Rte 23A in Tannersville. She doesn't do nearly as many varieties as Sue's, maybe just 7 or 8, but they're like no other pancakes I've ever had. Incredibly friendly and, unlike Sweet Sue's, all the real maple syrup you want.

        Mizuna, just down the block from Sue's on Main Street in Phoenicia also does good breakfasts, salads, pastas and sandwiches. My favorite is the goat cheese and strawberry french toast.

        1. If in Woodstock the "must stop at" place is Antichi Sopori(Old flavors would be a rough translation)on the north side of Route 28 just past the Kingston traffic circle.
          They're about a year old and occupy what was once a Greekaria. Every dish is fantastic. The best Osso Bucco I've ever had and I'm addicted to their baby octopuss appetizer.
          This is run and owned by Italians, NOT Italian-Americans.

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          1. re: Mitch

            There was a post in spring that said Antichi Sapori had closed. Was that not true?