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Jul 23, 2005 02:57 AM

Solar do Minho in belleville

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Any reviews comments about this place?? Especially the rodizio and how does it compare to the newark ones.


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  1. Solar Do Minho
    15 Cleveland St, Belleville, NJ
    (973) 844-0500

    This is not that Spanish Rodizio like you get "down neck" in Newark. The quality of meat is first class and it's not that overly salty coating on all the meat. They usually have over 10 to 14 different kinds of meats and chicken. Don't forget to get a piece of the pineapple that is sprinkled with cinnamon in between the meats. They also give you black beans, potato's (if they bring you the skinny potatoes ask them for the spanish large flat ones - it's not a problem they think Americans want skinny, and rice. There are delicious marinated olives on the table with delicious bread to start. You can, of course, just order off their regular menu. The restaurant is really nice inside(not formal or dressy -casual is fine) and very different. It's like your eating in a little spanish village. I would recommend going early or try calling for a reservation. They are busy every night of the week, but, it's well worth it even if you do have to wait.

    We have been there about 8 times now over the past year (twice in the last 6 weeks as we took out of town relatives there and everyone has always had a great meal).


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    1. re: nizza

      I think you mean Portuguese. There is no Spanish rodizio.

      1. re: Craig

        I stand corrected - your right it's Portuguese - not Spanish!

        1. re: nizza

          Solar do Minho serves mostly Portuguese food, but the rodizio is strictly Brazilian. We're going tonight!

    2. Just got back from a really terrible eating experience at this restaurant. Place was packed with people including many out of control children.

      The service was so slow that it took us 2 hours 45 minutes to eat 2 apps and 4 entrees, could not stand to wait for coffee.

      The food was below average by North Jersey standards. I was at Tero's in Lyndhurst the other day and ordered the same entree and app that was twice as good for 2/3 of the price.

      I could go on and on, but I will sum up Solar do Minho as the worst dining experience of my life.

      Never Again.

      1. Wow - I find that very unusual for this restaurant. I've been there numerous times and it always been great! Maybe it was because of the holiday and they were just too busy and overwhelmed. I can understand your not in a hurry to go back, but, I would suggest you try it one more time before you write it off.

        It's funny that you mention Tero's, I haven't been back there since they made the new dining room and I just suggested to go and eat with my cousin and her husband (who live in Lyndhurst) and they said no, it's not that good anymore. They said that they are not the only one's in town that think they have gone down hill.

        So, to each his own!!

        1. The original comment has been removed