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Jul 1, 2005 05:39 PM

New chef at Imperial Wok, N. White Plains

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A year or two ago the chef at Imperial Wok on North Broadway, North White Plains, left for greener pastures elsewhere. The quality plummeted, and the place seemed destined for mediocrity. Three weeks ago a new chef arrived, supposedly directly from Szechuan, and he's got the goods! Two recent visits have gone very, very well. Spicy braised whole fish, shredded beef with basil, Taiwanese chicken casserole, shrimp with hot chile paste and Chinese cucumber and more have been back to their usual, delicious standards. I haven't yet tried their (former) standout dish, Fish Fillet in Pickled Cabbage Soup. N.B.: The chef's day off is Wednesday.

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  1. is this chef still around? is this place still worth trying? thanks!

    1. Do they do Dim Sum at all, I was curious as I pass by it often.

      1. My wife and I were in White Plains and I remembered this post about the chef at Imperial Wok having changed. So we went last night.

        We were both seriously disappointed. The kitchen has a VERY heavy hand with salt. Both my wife and I like things on the salty side, so for us to feel things were too salty speaks volumes.

        I had the shredded pork in black bean sauce. Way too salty. My wife had shredded pork with the rice cake. Also too too salty. We also ordered a veggie dish called Triple Delight. It contained tofu skin that was like eating cardboard. It was supposed to be soaked overnight, but we suspect it wasn't.

        We also ordered the pan fried dumplings. Which were tasty, but tepid on the inside.

        1. Wow. Seriously disappointed to read this. First Hunan Village
          and now Imperial Wok.

          IS there even another Americanized Chinese restaurant in this area with a bar?

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          1. re: dolores

            It might be too far north, but Golden House in Jefferson Valley fits that bill.

            1. re: ltlevy

              Is Golden House actually good? They recently had a fire and had a grand opening. I was SHOCKED when I saw an ad for them that claimed they were rated excellent in Zagat, but I checked and they do get a 20 for food (which I don't think qualifies as excellent, but it's still much higher than I'd expect). I live 5 minutes from them, and I went there once many years ago and was not at all impressed (and have not been back) but maybe I was expecting something that it's not (like decent hot & sour soup).

              1. re: MisterBill2

                Anyone been to Imperial Wok lately? I haven't had the courage since this thread.

                1. re: dolores

                  We decided to give it a try last night. What a mistake! The food was horrible. Chicken with broccoli was soooooooo salty that it was inedible. The fried rice was also salty. The appetizers were odd tasting- couldn't quite figure out what was wrong- but knew they weren't right.

                  We left everything-- the manager apologized but we will NOT be back!

                  1. re: debmom

                    Thanks, debmom. I'll stick with Bao's, they're always enjoyable.

                2. re: MisterBill2

                  I would consider Golden House an American Chinese restaurant, not an authentic one like Aberdeen in White Plains. When we were there last (probably the end of last year) it was good American Chinese. We heard about the fire second hand and just saw the grand opening ad last week. We haven't been back there yet. So, who knows whether the kitchen staff is the same.

                  1. re: ltlevy

                    Maybe I'll go try it again. We generally eat at Empire Hunan in Yorktown which is pretty decent.

            2. Dolores, Tung Hoy on Boston Post Road in Mamaroneck/Larchmont comes to mind. But it's pricey.