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Jun 22, 2005 11:49 AM

House of Spain in Merrick, LI ~ ~ ~Beware!!!

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First off, just want to point out that I really didn't want to go here-my date claimed a Spanish friend raved about how great their Paella was.
I would have been happier at "Koban" (a really great sushi place, FYI) three doors down, but variety is the spice...etc.
Anyway, there we are on a Saturday night, the place is basically deserted, except for us and one other table.
We ordered 2 appetizers: shrimp in green sauce, clams in spicy red sauce-both edible, but far from memorable. Ordered two main courses: Paella (super-salty, but somewhat edible) and a bizarre veal dish (highly recommended by our distracted, yet seemingly trustyworthy waiter) The veal was so tough, neither one of us could manage to eat it. A bitter starchy, gel-like sauce resplendant with soggy frozen vegtables added to the shock value. It was so bad that it was actually funny. Especially since we had originally planned on just splitting the Paella (we had the two appetizers) but found out there was a hefty sharing fee (6-7dollars) for the extra plate.
Normally, I would have sent the veal back, but after the sad appetizers, crumby Paella and half a pitcher of erzatz Sangria, I just wanted to leave-any possible replacement would have been just as unsatisfying.
Besides, believe it or not, I felt a liitle sorry for the place, it was kind of sad, it being so empty on a Saturday night. So we paid the $85.00(!) tab-plus tip and left.
So just a warning, if you want a lot of laughs, and are seriously dieting, check out this dusty old throwback!
Me, I'm running back to my trusty Sushi joint, where it's never a rip-off and the food *shines*!!!

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  1. I agree. The place sucks. Can't understand how they have been there forever. They always advertize their early bird specials which are just that, for the birds.

    1. Could not agree with you less--have eaten at House of Spain for years and have always thought the food is consistently great. Generally I take-out since the restaurant itself is not the most charming place, and the service is slow (we always joke that you have to order an hour in advance for take-out). That said the food is great. Prefer to chicken in the Pollo Ajillo to the chicken in rice dished (arroz con pollo, paella) as it is generally better cooked--moister and tastier. Also love their green sauce, either with mussels or shrimp. Admittedly the steamed veggie side is underwhelming, but rice is always good as are their potatoes. Highly recommend the restaurant.

      (as for Koban next door--perhaps some of the worst Japanese food you can find anywhere)

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        Yep, Koban sucks. It used to be pretty good for local sushi 5 or 6 years ago. To be fair though, it's just as bad as any other Long Island sushi spot. What a waste- to be depleting the ocean's fish for such mediocrity...

        Oh, and BTW just to stay of topic-House of Spain is still open, to the delight of everyone who knows nothing about freshness, flavor and undersalting. Avoid!

        Koban of Merrick
        2016 Merrick Rd, Merrick, NY 11566