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Indian Chef in International Food Warehouse-Lodi?

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Has anyone eaten at the Indian Chef, the little Indian place in International Food Warehouse inside the National Wholesale Liquidators on Route 17 in Lodi?
Is is ok? I am nervous (a little) about a kind of 'fast' Indian place. What do they serve? Is it any good?

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  1. What makes you nervous?

    1. Funny you should ask, got sick after eating there a few weeks back. No big deal, part of experimenting with different places but I definitely won't be going back.

      1. I haven't tried it yet. We love Indian food and this is on my short list of new Indian places to try after reading all the comments from other foodies.

        Link: http://forums.egullet.org/index.php?s...

        1. I regularly consume Indian food in the NY/NJ area and have eaten at Indian Chef a couple times. So far what I have had has been very tasty and well seasoned; each time I've had a one meat and one veg combo which comes with rice and a nan for around $7. It is not fancy (as one might expect from the location), with a steam table and plastic plates, but seemed clean enough. Next time I will be trying the dosas, which looked very good from what other customers had.

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            hmm--quite mixed reviews.
            what makes me nervous? well, the fact that it looks like a place where the stuff 'sits' there all day and gets heated up and all that.
            we actually tried to go the day i posted, but it was closed when we got there at 8 p.m. :-(
            but with the person getting sick, i doubt we'll try it now.

            1. i've been to indian chef numerous times...the food's always been superb and i've never had any problems...the service is great and the food is excellent...the food definitely is not the type that sits around because they make the dosas and tandoor fresh right in front of you...if u go back two days in a row u'll notice that the combo meal bar is different everyday and the food is always varied...i enjoy the food and i'll be their customer for as long as their open...these other critics obviously have bad taste in food because the food is excellent...the person who got sick probably got sick from their own cooking than from indian chef because no one else has ever gotten sick and if u go to the other food critic sites, indian chef has only but the best reviews

              1. go to the http://forums.egullet.org/index.php?s...

                read the reviews and be the judge

                My experience with Indian Chef has always been satisfying

                I love this place and love the fact that its close by and they deliver rather than always going to Edison, Jersey City, or Jackson Heights which are all so far and where you can never find any parking especially when you bring the SUV and the kids

                The other nearby restaurants arent good at all compared to this one

                My family and I always stop by while doing our shopping which is so convenient and even just for a quick bite

                I highly recommend Indian Chef to everyone

                1. This was the first time I ate Indian food and must say I absolutely loved it. The service is friendly, the food is fresh, and absolutely delightful. After I ate at Indian Chef, I made sure I came back weekly for their takeout. The food was absolutely magnificent. I'd give it two thumbs up and 5 stars!

                  1. All I have to say is that the food is AWESOME

                    EVERYONE SHOULD CHECK IT OUT

                    1. I love it! The naan is amazing, made before your eyes in a tandor, coming out all fresh and buttery. The cocunut chicken is also great. The only problem I see is that you'll eat too much. Personally, I think this is one of the best Indian lunch counters I've been to in and around New York. I go there with my mother, who lives in Ridgewood. I can tell you it beats the heck out of the super-expensive Indian restaurants there in terms of food quality.

                      1. Wow, we finally tried Indian Chef. It's great. This was easily some of the best Indian food I've eaten in the whole NYC area. There's no buffet (or there wasn't one this afternoon anyway), but we got some fritters in yellow sauce (from the steamtable), which were amazingly good, and some very tasty chili chicken (an Indian-Chinese dish). I wasn't too impressed with a green bean and carrot dish, though, because the veggies tasted like they were out of a can. My relatives also loved a lamb dish. And the mixed kabob grill was very good too (although there's a similar dish at Kamil's at Clifton which is even better, despite that being an entirely different cuisine). The mixed grill was made to order and only took about 10-15 min.

                        And an top of all that, the naan and roti were excellent, as was the "salt" lassi (which is like a plain yogurt/kefir type of drink and not actually salty-tasting).

                        The location is a bit moribund, given that it's in the abandoned former location of the International Food Warehouse, adjacent to, and connected to, the National Wholesale Liquidators, and maybe some real silverware would be nice instead of plasticware. But the location is very easy to reach and convenient from 17 N. And the energetic bhangra music is a nice authentic touch. (I sure hate to going to an ethnic restaurant and then having to listen to frickin' Lite FM or Kenny G.! Ugh!) ;)

                        1. I was astounded by the quality of the food at Indian Chef, given the unfortunate location -- inside what is still a corner tucked into the space vacated by the old food section of National Wholesale Liquidators. (The Indian Chef owners inform me that the landlord has plans for a Korean supermarket in the cavernous space -- which should make for a fascinating contrast. The freshly-made spring dosa (potato, vegetables and a tangy tomato accompaniement) was the best -- no skimping on the filling, not too greasy, not overcooked to crunchiness, and intelligently served sliced in half so it fits on the plate rather than run over onto the table. Onion and green/red pepper khorma had just the right tang to complement the cream, and the salmon kebabs were astoundingly moist on the inside, given how well roasted the outside appeared when they came from the tandoori oven. I'm a lassi fanatic, and can say that Indian Chef's was the thickest and mangoiest I had ever had -- no water to dillute the thick youghurt. I can only hope that the landlords buy them out of the lease, and that they will be able to relocate to a more congenial setting than they have now. Of course, having to focus on atmosphere could impose costs and attention requirements that might take away from their attention to the food, so try Indian Chef now - - and tell your chowhound friends. If you're looking for atmosphere go elsewhere, but if you're looking for the best Indian food around, go to Indian Chef in Lodi.

                          PS. Don't let the "Lodi" location fool you; it's right off of Route 17 near the Home Depot and in the same building (but around the back from) National Wholesale Liquidators. Phone if you need directions: 201-587-1087.

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                            I'm pleased to hear that they are still open given the demise of the Wholsale Liquidators/Int'l Food empire. Must be a strange atmosphere right now. I hope they can get the Korean supermarket up and running - that will give me another excuse to visit!