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Jun 15, 2005 03:52 PM

Restaurants around the Rutherford area?

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I'm looking for a great place to bring my husband for his birthday on Saturday night. We just moved into the Rutherford area and I'd like to go somewhere near there, but anywhere between Rutherford and Paramus would be ok.
Cuisines he likes:
Japanese (not sushi, but teriyaki and steakhouse style is great)
I'm willing to pay around $15-$20 an entree. Wine is not a concern since we don't drink.
Can anyone make some recommendations? I got a few good reviews for Park and Orchard in E. Rutherford, but I want to have a few options to choose from. Thank you in advance!

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    Another cuisine we like is Spanish.

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      I really like Park & Orchard, but another option if you want Spanish is Segovia. I particularly like the paella or the stuffed lobster. But just go gets very crowded.


    2. I would second Segovia's. Their spanish food is great and the atmosphere would be nice for a birthday party. It's smaller and cozier than Park & Orchard. P & O is a very large restaurant and I would go another time to P & O.

      For Italian I would suggest:

      Vivo for Italian food
      316 Valley Brook Avenue
      Lyndhurst, NJ 07071
      Tel: 201-372-0300

      Lovely restaurant and very good food.

      If you didn't mind going 15 minutes in the other direction then I would make this #1 on my list.

      Solar Do Minho for a great Spanish Rodizio
      15 Cleveland St, Belleville, NJ
      (973) 844-0500

      This is not that Spanish Rodizio like you get "down neck" in Newark. The quality of meat is first class and it's not that overly salty coating on all the meat. In case you don't know what it is - Rodizio is where they come around and around and around with meat(they usually have over 10 different kinds of meats and chicken that they bring to your table) on large skewers and keep coming around until you "give". They also give you black beans, potatoe (if they bring you the skinny potatoes ask them for the spanish large flat ones - it's not a problem they think Americans want skinny, rice and delicious grilled pineapple. You can, of course, just order off their regular menu. The restaurant is really nice inside(not formal or dressy -casual is fine) and different. I would recommend going early or try calling for a reservation. They are busy every night of the week.

      In fact, now that I think about it that's where you should take your husband for his birthday. It's someplace different and you'll be talking about it and taking other people there. Really! We have been there about 6 times now over the past year or so and always have a great meal.

      It's right off (1/2 block)Washington Avenue on Cleveland in a residential neighborhood. Here's a map for you.


      1. Paisanos on Park Ave. (across from the old church) is to die for!! I live in Florida now, but when I visit my dad in North Arlington I never miss a good chow down at Paisanos!! They have the B-E-S-T Italian food ever (don't tell Moma!!) Everything is made fresh, including the pasta!! Bring your own wine. Atmosphere is as beautiful as the food. Make reservations because they fill up. Bon Appetit!!

        1. Sorrento's on Park. New mgt this winter. Awesome. Reasonably price.
          TAOS. I forget, but I think it is Hackensack street. My fav in the neighborhood.