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Jun 15, 2005 12:02 PM

PASTA NOSTRA in norwalk CT

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anyone ever been? how is it?

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  1. Been sometime, but I've had some VERY good meals there....good wine list too.....quirky owner....worth a shot, if you are in that area.....

    1. The food is excellent. I found the prices a little high given the lack of ambiance.

      1. I've been there three or so times over the years. It got a lot of publicity from being featured on Martha Stewart's show a few years back; it's very small (and if I recall correctly, doesn't take reservations), so there's always a crowd waiting to get in; and it's quite expensive--all of which gives it an aura of desirablity beyond the reality of the place. The food is good, but no better than a number of other fine Italian restaurants within a 5 or 10 mile radius which have much nicer ambience and take reservations. The owner, who thinks quite a lot of himself, plopped himself down at our table last time we were there demanding to know what we thought of the food. I'm sure he thought he was giving us quite a treat, but it was intrusive and annoying. If you're in the Sono area anyway and there's no wait for a table, it might be worth your while--otherwise, I'd skip it.

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          Went in May with a party of 5. They do take reservations for dinner; strongly suggested. Very attentive service - but we 5 middle-aged women didn't rate a table visit from the owner. Now the food: don't order the Pasta Norma. It's nothing special;I was very disappointed in my choice. However, my dinner companions did rave about their pastas. The fried zucchini blossoms were also nothing special - I've had better. My dessert, the panna cotta, was the best course. The wine list is good; the bread nothing special, and the olive oil for dipping was also far from the best I've had. That said, we each spent $75.
          I doubt I'll be back.

          1. re: MommaJ

            Over priced, over rated and over crowded. Try Via Sforza on Westport Ave instead.

              1. re: Bee Gee

                I agree with Bee Gee...not worth the effort. I liked Pasta Nostra better when they offered their items for retail at the store. It was still pricey, but minus the overhead. I think I saw they had a booth at the Westport farmer's market on Sundays, selling the olive oil and a limited selection of pasta.
                Not sure if Via Sforza pasta is fresh, but it tastes just fine.

                1. re: sonofoodie

                  if you are looking for fresh pasta, mrs jfood brought home a couple of sheets of garlic and parsley from Villarina. There is one in westport and NC. Jfood also uses there whole wheat pasta for lasagne, adds a nice depth to it.

                  1. re: jfood

                    IMO...Villarina pasta is not that great. If I have the time, I just make my own sheets.
                    It's still nice to enjoy good homemade pasta and a good sauce when you're out, and I've always enjoyed Via Sforza.

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