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Jun 15, 2005 11:34 AM

taco truck in elmont

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there's a mexican taco truck called "tacos jaliscos" parked on elmont rd./plainfield ave., just north of hempstead tpke (by belmont racetrack). they serve some tasty and cheap ($1.25) tacos (i had tacos al pastor) and refreshing agua fresca ($1.00). not sure of their hours, but they're there pretty much every weekday and have begun appearing on weekends, as well.

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  1. I tried the taco truck across from the Belmont Racetrack the other day and just want to add my "thumbs up" to gastronoman's review from last year. I had been curious about the taco truck for months. We tried three different tacos: the beef, the chorizo and the chicken. All were nicely seasoned and the tortillas were of high quality. They offer beans and/or onions and cilantro as toppings, and the red hot sauce is VERY hot, so if you're unsure about the hot sauce (they offer red and green), get it on the side. The tacos are still $1.25 each and they also have burritos and some other plates. The tacos definitely make a cheap and tasty lunch!