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Jun 14, 2005 04:10 PM

Park and Orchard, E. Rutherford, NJ?

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Can anyone recommend this restaurant? I visited their website and the menu looks good and I've heard vague good things.
I'm thinking about bringing my husband there for his birthday, but I want to make sure it will be a place he'll enjoy. He does like Mexican and Indian food, but other than that, has a pretty plain pallat.
Has anyone tried their Chicken Parmesan? What other dishes can you recommend? He would not be interested in anything vegetarian.

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  1. I can strongly recommend Park & Orchard. Even though there is no red meat on the menu, there are chicken, duck, seafood, and (I think) ostrich dishes to choose from. The emphasis is on healthy eating, hence the absence of red meat. There are vegetarian dishes, but the carnivore will have many choices also.

    Everything that I have ever tasted there has been delicious, and usually the problem is deciding on just one entree. You will be given two menus--one with all of the "standards", and one that lists the many specials that are being offered that week. Between the two menus, assume that you will need at least 20 minutes to make a selection. I am always amazed that they can offer such a huge assortment of dishes, while maintaining the freshness of everything. As far as I am concerned, everything that is available here is top-notch in quality, extremely palate tempting, and copious in portion size.

    I would suggest ordering a drink while you peruse the many menu choices, and if you like to imbibe, the wine list here is reputed to be the biggest in NJ. When I say that the wine list is the thickness of a small town's phone book, I am not kidding. They also have one of the biggest assortments of imported beers that I have ever seen (as well as Budweiser, for those with little imagination or taste). ;-)

    Unless you don't mind a long wait, I would suggest that you get there early. This place has a very devoted clientele, and after 6:00 PM, the wait can be long. I seem to recall that they don't take reservations unless your party is very large.

    Even though I don't really like eating early, because I love their food, and because I really hate waiting for a table, I usually try to get there by 5:15. But, you might try giving them a call, just to check on their reservations policy.

    The parking lot adjacent to the restaurant (which used to be a steel factory!) is fairly small for an establishment of this size. However, there is another lot across the road from Park & Orchard.

    I am confident that you will enjoy your meal at this long-established healthy-eating restaurant. As you can probably tell, this is one of my absolute favorite restaurants.

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      haven't been there in years, but always loved it.
      if you want something more elegant (and this is not to disuade you from going or dispute any of the raves in the previous response) that takes reservations you might try serenade in chatham or cafe matisse in rutherford.
      i'm glad to know park and orchard is still doing well. i always looked forward to meal there (and the leftovers i was certain to bring home!)
      have fun!

      1. re: lauren

        It's still open, still great... if not better, they now take reservations and they now serve a GREAT natural beef steak

    2. I live in East Rutherford. I can understand why this place is one of the most popular and well know restaurants in Bergen County, but it is. It is always packed.

      I find the food dull. The menu is extremely extensive. Great vegetarian options. The selections all sound awesome. The ambiance-- too open, too brightly lit..and the guy on the mike announcing tables is just so....New Jersey. That killed it for me. And the food was dull. Boring. Pass.