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Jun 5, 2005 10:54 PM

The Eveready diner in Hyde Park, NY

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Has anyone been to the Eveready Diner in Hyde
Park, NY? What is the food like?

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  1. i think it's better than normal diner food; the menu is quite diverse (for a diner)...and the cherry coke is out of this world good. not sure if they put in more syrup, or how it's done, but i love the soda.

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    1. re: bob gaj
      Gary Illingworth

      Just the best corn beef hash you could ever want; comes with home fries as well. I had eggs sunnyside up over the hash as well as Hollandaise sauce. :) Yum. Then on to the Presidential Library. This meal kept me going all day - and I still think of it a month later. Can't wait to try out the lunch items next time I visit Hyde Park! Gary Illingworth

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      Mike in Rhinebeck

      I agree with Bob Gag - it is better than the typical diner food and it has a lot of choice on its menu. My recommendation, however, is to stay away from the full-scale dinners and specials - they have been the most disappointing things on the menu. For carnivores, their burgers - especially the bison burger - are quite good, as is the tuna melt sandwich. I've tried the meat loaf sandwich several times and, frankly, I won't do it any more because it is inconsistent (I think that it depends upon how long it has been sitting around). I have no complaints - nor does my family - about any of the breakfast items (pancakes are huge), and the dessert items from the soda fountain look gargantuan (though I've not partaken). This review is based upon eating a variety of meals (mostly breakfast and dinner) there over the past 7 years, about 6 times per year.

      1. Eveready has opened a new location in Brewster, NY, where the Sonoma Cafe used to be (in the Kohls/Home Depot shopping center). It was pretty busy when we drove past on Sunday so hopefully more people will find it than its predecessor.

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        1. re: MisterBill2

          I have eaten at the Rhinebeck location quite a few times and was really surprised to find that the same items that I order there, were now $2-$3 more for the exact same dish. They have the same menu in both locations. I guess I should chalk it up to the new location and rent prices but it still took me by surprise. The food was, ok. Maybe they just need to work out the kinks in Brewster. Never had any complaints in Rhinebeck. Time will tell.

          1. re: xecuchef

            I looked at the menu and thought it was not as cheap as I expected. I think I will wait a little while before eating there to let the service improve.

        2. Brewster location has big kinks to work through, mostly service related! We stopped in for breakfast and it took 15 mins to get a cup of joe, had to ask three times for a check and there were literally only 4 tables seated at the time! I hope they can live up to Hyde Park!

          1. It was a bust. I ate their today. I had seen it on the Food Network. I happened past on my was to FDR house like everyone else it seems. The Atomic burger was had no flavor, a meaty taste at points but effectively bland. The amount of chili on the burger was laughable. Not that I need a mountain but it was a garnish not a topping. The fries are those damn panko coated fries I am so tired of. The best part of the cole slaw and pickle. The death by chocolate cake was dry, a common problem with diner cakes but sad. The people were hanging out the doors so I had high hopes. I think I should have tried breakfast - malted pancakes, bananas foster french toast. However, the quality of a burger is how I measure a diner. I was royally bummed. The staff was sufficient.