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May 31, 2005 09:32 PM

F.O.O.D is a F I N D !!!!! (LONG-hamptons restaurant review)

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After little luck in scoring a table this past Satruday night at Star Boggs before 10:30pm, we headed to a tiny shack-like place called F.O.O.D. (first order of the day)on Montauk Hwy in of all places.... Hampton Bays.

A first glance I felt we transposed ourselves to the set of Little House on the Prairie (gone 1940's beach cottage), but the atmosphere quickly grew on me. Not more than 10 tables or so, a bar that seats about four and a slanted roofline that would knock out anyone over 5'11 at its lowest points, but the charm of this place made me want the food to be so great that I would come back again and again.

The staff and owner are Brazilian who winter in South Beach, so I anticipated a brazilian/latino themed menu. To my surprise the menu was quite lengthy in its choices and diverse in it's cuisine.

For starters, I chose the frisee with lardon and blue cheese which was warm and had the perfect balance of salty and crispy. Others chose onion soup, tuna tartare, crab cake and another mixed salad. Other than the crab cake not living up to Star's perfection we gave everything else two thumbs up.

For dinner I chose the fettucine with spicy seafood. It was a huge bowl of steaming pasta in a tomato and chopped clam sauce topped with lobster, mussels and shrimp. It was truly perfect. Other winners were the short ribs with garlic mash and shrimp and scallops over a risotto paella. YUM!

Although too full for dessert, we went with one order of molten choc cake with tahitian vanilla ice cream. My sister, the desset expert, was quite impressed.

Now, I promised my family not to write this until the end of the Summer so we can actually get a table on weekends, but I found it in my heart to allow your stomach's to feel the pleasure that ours did as we walked out grinning from ear to ear in food bliss.

Run to this place b/c I have a feeling it's going to be the next place where you will only be able to get a "6 or 10:30 reservation". But try to keep it on the down-lo. Goodbye Stone Creek Inn, See ya Star Bogg, Adios Nick and Tony's ..........FOOD is open for business and they are not fooling around!

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    1. re: RENEE

      phone number????

      1. re: kennycandy

        FOOD phone number is.............631-723-3663

        1. re: jenniebnyc

          tried the restaurant saturday nite with my wife and enjoyed it very much. my wife had the frisee salad, the sea bass entree. i had the filet mignon entree and the lemon tart for dessert. food was excellent, service very good. could be on a par with le plage in wading river but don't want to say that based on only one visit.

          1. re: kennycandy

            glad you enjoyed as much as we did!!

            Have you heard anything about Patagonia re-opening on Dune Road? I heard the Thursday before Memorial Day wknd they decided to open(they were not supposed to open this Summer at all)? Same owners? Last year it was pretty and service...but what a great spot.

            I wish someone else would buy the place and do it justice. oh well.

    2. Is F.O.O.D. now "foodies" in watermill? When I tried to call F.O.O.D.'s number, that was the restaurant I got. If so, is foodies as good as F.O.O.D. was?

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      1. re: kersie

        I just called the number noted in this thread to make a reservation for Saturday. FOOD is still in hampton bays and reachable. They are trying to open another branch of FOOD in Southampton but have run into permit issues for over a year now. Call quick, they only have 6pm and 10pm available on Saturday.

      2. I ate at F.O.O.D. a few weekends ago after a local friend recommeneded it. It was FABULOUS! I would love to go back again and again. I had the halibut and my finacee had the boulabaisse. Although his was very heavy with coconut milk, it had great flavor and would be a great fall/winter dish.

        The roasted pepper & butternut squash spreads they serve withthe bread & olives are a nice touch.

        1. For all you F.O.O.D. fans, and fans to be, the owners purchased a restaurant in the village of southampton, formerly George Martin about a year ago, its about 65 seats, so hopefully alot more people will get to experience one of the best places to eat in the Hamptons. There seems to be some issue with septic system, so who knows when they will be open. Untill then just dont try to dine on sat nites.

          1. thank you for posting this, I will be in Hampton Bays tomorrow and will try to eat there.