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May 18, 2005 11:09 AM

Lunch, Edgewater, NJ

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Hello - I hope someone can help me.

My niece and her husband are coming to visit from California, and I will be picking them up late Friday morning at Port Imperial in Weehawken (sp?)for lunch.

Is there anywhere in the Weehawken/Edgewater/West New York area where I can take her for lunch, either very casual or casual/nice? Arthur's Landing, which was my first choice, is not open for lunch. She doesn't like Ruth's Chris, and even the Outback doesn't open until 4pm.

Thank you.

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  1. Does she not like Ruth's Chris specifically or steak houses in general? If it is the former, the River Palm Terrace has it beat, though I haven't done lunch there myself. They do serve lunch, though, and I've included a link below.

    For Indian, Kinara has an above average buffet and a very comfortable room.


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    1. re: TongoRad

      She likes steakhouses, just not Ruth's Chris.
      I forgot about the River Palm Terrace...the menu looks nice.

      No Indian food for them, though :( None of us are food adventurers.

      1. re: Harriette

        How about ultra casual? There is a Whole Foods Market and an absolutely lovely boat basin/park just north of the George Washington Bridge. You can pick up something delicious and head down there and enjoy the view. The park also has bbq's set up for use. I'm heading down there tonight, can't wait!

    2. i'd say go to the River Palm...i've been for a late lunch and it's still one of the best steaks in the tri-state area. t-bone for two is fantastic. but not cheap! a little more on the formal side than casual side, but i've gone in jeans and button down before.

      Since your guests are coming from Cali, they may be sushi/japanese'd out already. but if not, there is a good susi/japanese place right on the water, directly behind the Mitsuwa asian market on River Road. I've been a few times (some dinner, some lunch) and i've had enjoyable meals there. sushi was fresh but not outstanding. However, they've got some cool starters (both and cold). they make a mean hamachi (yellowtail) collar.

      1. How about Baumgart's (at the Promenade on City Place, by the multiplex)? It has river view and afterwards, you can go shopping or take a nice stroll along the river.

        1. i second river palm for steak. you might want to try sabor on river road at the edgewater/no. bergen border. very good, nuevo latin. don't go to frank's waterside - the view is great but the food is not. and good thing arthur's landing is closed for lunch because their food & service has deteriorated.

          1. Absolutely check out Ola in Weehawken. It is up the hill from the lincoln tunnel but some of the best tapas and sangria my wife and I have had. Casual and great for lunch or dinner. It is located at 4215 Park Avenue.