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Yonkers/Bronxville area recs for dinner?

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I'll be in Yonkers saturday night, and I was hoping for any recommendations for a restaurant in the area.
Not afraid to venture further, Manhattan is out of the question though.
It'll be 4 for dinner, prefer upscale but not outrageously priced. Something casual...?

Any tips would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks very much everyone!


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  1. Can you give us more info to help us make suggestions? Where in Yonkers? It is the 4th largest city in NY State. How many minutes drive time? How much do you want to spend? Any favorite or not so favorite cuisines?

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      Okay, I've been to Harvest on the Hudson, Blu, Buffet de la Guerre...
      I'm not from the area, so any info on a place like these.
      French, Italian is a plus! I hope this is more helpful.
      Thanks again for any info.


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        Fox Bronxville, I liked Pane e Vino but I believe someone said it was closed even though their web site is still up: http://www.paneevino.net/

        It seems these keep popping up: Underhills Crossing, Haiku Asian Bistro, Scarborough Fair & Kraft Bistro. UC is French/Italian/Mediterranean w/ some nice wines and outdoor seating. SF is quite cozy and everything's a winner on the menu.

        As for Yonkers, I'm a little out of touch besides some of the Central Ave. haunts, like Ricky's for decent seafood, Central Square Cafe for decent Italian/American, Kang Suh for Korean, and Wild Cactus Cafe for Mexican. Not sure if La Lanterna, http://www.lalanterna.com/, is still open...it was Swiss/Italian and had pretty good menu.

        In Eastchester, Jackie's Bistro is a home run for French...

        Also, see the below previous thread.

        Link: http://www.chowhound.com/topics/show/...

    2. tip..stay away from zupa

      1. I second Jackie's in Eastchester for french. If you want to try something else, we have enjoyed An American Bistro in Tuckahoe (at the Crestwood train station) many times. Both are close to Yonkers/Bronxville...


        1. You never said what area you will be in so it is hard to make suggestions.

          I really disagree with the following mentions: Ricky's for seafood- mediocre, Central Square Cafe for Italian/American- less than mediocre, and Wild Cactus Cafe for Mexican- blah- fake mex

          Kang Suh- Central Ave north east Yonkers, Korean is good to very good depending upon items ordered- stick to the Korean menu
          Jackies Bistro in Eastchester is very good
          An American Bistro across from the Crestwood train station is very good New American/Continental
          Gina Maries- Family Italian in Eastchester- large portions at good prices of pretty good food,
          Valentinos- Family Italian on Bronx River Road in south east Yonkers is good
          Hunan Village upscale Chinese on Central Ave in north east Yonkers is good to very good
          Cafe Meze Mediterranean on Central Ave in Hartsdale is very good
          Azuma Sushi by the train station in Hartsdale is the best sushi place in the area outside NY City- excellent, expensive

          I have heard both good and bad of all the Bronxville places such as Haiku, Kraft, Underhills, Scarborough Fair. I find them all overpriced and only good to very good but have only been to each once. Which says a lot since I live there. I do plan on checking out Haiku and Kraft more in depth when things get quieter this summer. Underhills is a madhouse, and the people, both staff and customers can be pretentious. Pane Vino in Bronxville was mediocre.

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            Suggest you give Mimosa (Main Street in Dobbs Ferry)a try.

            Good seafood & Italian/Continental (no tomato sauce), good wines by the glass & great service

            Link: http://www.mimosadobbsferry.com

          2. Kraft on Kraft Avenue in Bronxville. Been 3 or 4 times.

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              How recently, and what did you like and dislike?

            2. We have some great restaurants in Bronxville. Most upscale are pricey, but it you're careful, you can get a great meal for not too much.

              Pete's Restaurant on Park Place is a family favorite and inexpensivel. The Koutsis familly has owned it for 70 years, and they are very friendly and helpful, and so is their staff. Hamburgers and pasta are favorites. They also serve gyros, wraps and great rice pudding.

              Wild Ginger is a new place a couple of doors down from Pete's. It's a wonderful Asian fusion restaurant. The baby back ribs are great--barbecued in a mildly spiced tamarind sauce. They have Chinese, Japanese, Thai and Vietnamese dishes I've had delicious Pad Thai,red curry casserole and an unusual and wonderful dish of pan-seared tuna in a green-tea wasabi sauce with delicate soba noodles. The Vietnamese summer rolls are fabulous, as are the Pacific rolls in spicy sauce with a piece of lobster tail tempura and crab. Give yourself a special treat and have a mousse for dessert. I've had both the mango and chocolate, and they're out of this world. They come with a mound of very special sorbet. The ambience is very nice.

              Haiku on Pondfield is an excellend pan-Asian restaurant. I've enjoyed the Pad Thai, Maylasian red curry, sushi, sambal, pan-seared tuna in ponzu sauce, satay and a fabulous avacao salad. Desserts are not imaginative--red bean or green-tea ice cream. Prices are not bad.

              Scarborough Fair Marketplace on Pondfield is an excellent upscale deli and catering establishment. (The restaurant closed recently). They have wonderful salads, sandwiches, cookies and cakes, prepared dishes to take home and food gifts. Nice ambience, too.

              Pizza-- there are three very good Italian restaurants close by which serve great pizza--Il Bacio on Park Place, Gino's on Pondfield Road West, and A'Mangiare. At all 3 you can get pizza by the slice. Il Bacio doesn't deliver, but the other 2 do.

              I'll write later on these Bronxville restaurants:

              Calvin's Chinese
              Japan Inn
              Over the Moon cafe
              Underhill's Crossing
              Lange's Deli
              Slave to the Grind

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                FYI A'Mangiare is currently closed, thay had a fire a couple weeks ago and are renovating, sad becuase this was our go to delivery place.
                Also, by "Over the Moon" do you mean Blue Moon? The place is terrible for food, ok for drinks.

                1. re: SweetPea914

                  Do you realize this post is over 2 years old?

                  1. re: RichK

                    Yes I did, but the person I responded to just responded today. I simply didn't want anyone to have wrong info.

                  2. re: SweetPea914

                    "Over the Moon" is a very nice Scandinvian deli a couple of doors from the Bronxville theater. Great for salads, wraps, entrees, special sodas, pastries, etc. "Blue Moom" is a pretty good Mexican restaurant in the old Gramatan Hotel building.