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May 13, 2005 03:12 PM

Galicia Deli, Norwalk CT

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Has anyone tried this place yet? It's about a block away from Valencia Luncheria.

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  1. Sheri,
    I'm curious about Galicia Deli, too. When I saw the "Galicia," I thought, oh, maybe they have cider, but I suppose that with the "Deli" in there, chances for Spanish cider may be slim. I also remember a very good kind of chicken that's Galician in origin; I wonder if the restaurant has that. Quien sabe?

    I hope someone will chime in with some information. If you go, do report back.


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    1. re: Miss Sue

      Cider, Galician chicken, what was I thinking? This place isn't Spain Spanish, and if I'd read the rest of the sign, I would have seen that it's Mexican and Peruvian food. I swung by there today. I hope some of you CT hounds will check this out, too, and tell us what you think.

      Pleasant store-front little place, with about five or six tables inside and a large one on the sidewalk.

      I ordered two items from the Cocina Mexicana part of the menu: a tamal verde and a taco al pastor. There wasn't any verde in the tamal verde, though masa itself (wrapped in corn husk) was moist and comfort-food-ish. Chicken inside was tender but nothing special; the thing really needed some salsa or something, which I didn't have. I'll try the rojo next time.

      But the taco al pastor was quite tasty. It came in a tortilla with sliced cucumbers, spring onion, white onions, and radishes on top of the pastor. The pastor part (I could taste cider vinegar...a marinade?) was flavorful.

      This place has potential. I need to try more things here. All the tables, except the one outside, were full today at noon.


      1. re: Miss Sue

        Gallegos are all around the world. Of course, they are often several generations away from the food of Galicia.