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May 5, 2005 11:40 AM

Amagansett Dinner

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I'm spending a few nights in Amagansett around Memorial Day (although not over that weekend). Despite being from the island, I have very little knowledge of good restaurants in that area. Any places that we shouldn't miss?

We're also thinking of stopping at vineyard on the way there and also hitting some fruit/veggie stands to make lunch and maybe a dinner. Anyone have any good suggestions?

Thanks in advance!

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  1. Pacific East in Amagansett is expensive, but great Asian/sushi. That would be my first choice.
    Gordon's in town is an old time favorite. I've also heard Estia's Cantina is good, if you want something a little unusual.
    Turtle Crossing is just before Amagansett, past East Hampton, great upscale BBQ and wraps, and killer margaritas.
    O'Malleys is right next to Turtle Crossing, a lot less expensive than any of the above but the food is prepared as well as anywhere. Try whatever their specials are, they are always great.
    Never been to the Farmhouse, old owner is back, they have their fans.

    As far as wineries and farms, the North Fork is the way to go (you can always take the ferry across Shelter Island to go down to the South, 2 different rides at about $20, but it's fun and quick). There are 3 wineries that I know of on the South Fork, Duck Walk which is related to Pindar, but not quite as good; Wolffer, which would be my choice, and Channing Daughters, but I've never been or even tried their wines. None of the farmstands right on Rte 27 are great, the best out there is probably the one on Sag Main Rd, turn right and it's just past Loaves and Fishes. Probably the highest priced too. If you keep going down past the General Store, there is a farmer who sells all kinds of heirloom tomatoes on his lawn, just before the beach. Only in season of course. There may not be any farmstands open when you come out, it's still sort of early. If they are it'll probably just be asparagus and spinach. They're not supposed to sell anything that isn't grown locally.

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      The Turtle (Bay) Dove

      A decent compromise for a farmstand that should have whatever local is possible at that early date, but then also have non-local stuff (including so-so bread, but astonishingly good pre-made guacomole - totally weird, but the only prepared guac my family has every liked) is on Scuttlehole road north of Montauk Highway - I can't remember the cross street - Butter? Lumber? - around there. It's a big garage-like shed. Actually, my family calls it The Shed, I think because it is the descendent of a much smaller real local farmstand called the shed, but we may have made that up at some point. They should be open.

      My parents recently tried some wines at Channing Daughters and weren't bowled over (their best wines, apparently, weren't available for tastings). North fork is definitely better if you have the time for the outing. From Amagansett, I imagine it would be at least an hour to get to and over the two ferries.

      1. re: The Turtle (Bay) Dove

        thought Channing Daughters had better whites, and Wolffer better reds, although I agree the North Fork probably has overall higher quality and diversity (apparently the climate is more suited for the grapes on that side of the island). Channing Daughters only charges like $6 for a tasting, Wolffer charged around $15, but they have a nicer sit-down setting/building.

      2. re: coll

        Keep going east on RT 27 to Napeague strip for more beachy ambiance to:

        Lunch...always busy. so so food, but OK

        Clam Bar...better food and a more funky/younger experience.

        The above post re Pacific East et al is 100% accurate.

        Montauk has many choices, more varied in price as well as food quality, tho none inexpensive.

        1. re: Odyssey

          I dig the Clam Bar, personally, and see absolutely no reason to go to The Lobster Roll ("Lunch") instead.

          Of course, if you can snag your own local lobster and cook up some steamers yourself you'll be doing better than any restaurant in the area...

          1. re: KB

            the lobster roll at the clam bar totally rocks! (at 20bux, it better!) the place had a short v.positive (as i recall) write-up in the new yorker a few years back, and it was posted on the walll of the shack for a while.... and it IS a shack; outdoor seating only.

            1. re: hubBubba

              "out in the hamptons it has become de rigueur for restaurants to feature valet parking. but a few miles east of amagansett on the montauk highway is an open-air place that owes its cachet to nothing but the freshness of the daily catch, an ocean breeze, and the spectacle of men behind a counter shucking clams. besides steamers, littlenecks, and cherrystones, the clam bar at napeague offers locally caught tuna and swordfish, sweet corn, and a terrific lobster salad..."
              -- new yorker, 8/19/02, p.24

              1. re: hubBubba

                Yeah 2002. They're OK but you have to watch what you order, most of the fried stuff is frozen and intensely breaded. Besides you're sitting on a highway, they're making it sound like you;re on the beach.

        2. re: coll

          Wow all these East Hampton places I mentioned are gone, so sad.

        3. Two omissions not to be missed:

          Mary's Marvelous: Bakery that also makes terrific sandwiches, rollups and best of all, pressed paninis. (Next to the Library)

          Amagansett Farmers Maeket; Lots of prepared foods, cheeses, good breads, all the fixins you need and a nice garden area with seating. (West of Pacific East)

          1. Estia in Amagansett recently sold. Not sure if still open. Most of the restaurants out there are very pricey for what your getting...on the Napeaque strip continue past Lunch and the Clam Shell and check out Cyril's. Jamaican crew in the kitchen serves some excellent jerk fish,chicken, etc...also great 'ritas. The Laundry in E.H. is probably the most reliable spot on the east end. Expensive but delish. Nichol's is a moderately priced spot on the highway prior to EH that serves up some solid chow.

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            1. re: Dana streep

              cyril's on a summer saturday evening continues to be the wildest cocktails-&-chow thing that i've ever seen! if you want to order a drink at the outdoor bar, plan on battling your way thru the 10-deep crush -- the (invariably cute) bartenders are required to perform feats of major mixology magic in order to have even the vaguest hope of keeping up. it's always been one of my favorite joints out there, if only for the wild see-and-be-seen scene. and when we used to eat there on a fairly regular summer-weekends basis some years back, the food was real-ok at minimum, and often quite better than that. to round things out, the LIRR *roaring* by on schedule a few dozen yards behind the indoor / outdoor seating areas makes for a "dining atmosphere" that ya just can't find anywhere on the upper east side.

              1. re: hubBubba

                for a casual, cheap but delicious lunch option, try La Fondita, an authentic Mexican takeout stand right off the main highway in Amagansett. delicious shrimp tacos and more.

              2. re: Dana streep

                no frills and cheap, but super-delicious and authentic is La Fondita, a Mexican takeout stand right off the main highway.