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May 2, 2005 11:32 PM

Mother's Day brunch in Albany-Troy

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Looking for a good place for Sunday brunch in the Albany-Troy-Watervliet area. Given that I live to eat and that I hail from NYC, I tend to have high standards that really haven't been met by any Capital District restaurants (other than some good hamburger and hot dog joints). In looking on the board, I see a lot of ethnic restaurants that would be fine for dinner, but not for brunch (especially for my two elderly grandmothers). Any ideas on a place with good food and service -- nothing too out there cuisinewise -- kind of an Upstate version of Five Points, SQC, Balthazar, etc. Help would be greatly appreciated.

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  1. You might want to consider Trillium at the Sagamore Hotel on Lake George. They have a nice brunch that might meet your NYC standards.

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      Saratoga Springs has some places that are elegant and close to Albany, although only one that I can think of that rivals NYC for cuisine; Springwater Bistro has a Sunday brunch that would satisfy your refined NYC tastes, which are no doubt stimulated by the fine water we send down there. Both the Gideon Putnam and the Inn at Saratoga have live music with their Sunday brunches, probably better food at the Inn but a lovely visit to the park at the Gideon. All would be nice for your grandparents, and you don't have to tell them how second-rate the food is; they're probably better off not knowing, as we all are.

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        PZ, thanks for the water :)

        That's why NYC bagels are the best in the world! And The Jonesville Store in Clifton Park has H&H bagels (I'm an Ess-a-bagel girl myself).


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          1. Hey folks, I was born and bred in the Capital District and can trace my local roots back at least six generations, so I have a license to issue criticism on this. I've tried to find good places many times, but it's been slim pickings when I've gone to the places recommended on this board. Call me a snotty New Yorker or whatever, but the simple truth is that there are areas of the country that are cuisine-challenged and Albany-Troy-Schenectady is one of them (and not the only one, by a long shot). As I mentioned, there is some great local comfort food, and luckily, it seems that some decent places with more complex offerings have opened just south of the area in recent years. I'd be happy to be proven wrong and have a few good places to eat of varying levels of formality and creativity when I'm in the area. Maybe some of this defenseness can be channeled into encouraging local restauranteurs to step outside the box a bit.

            1. The Desmond Hotel in Albany has a wonderful Mother's Day brunch too! I recommend it highly.

              Desmond Hotel
              660 Albany Shaker Rd, Albany, NY

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                I cannot recommend the food at the Desmond. There are many better choices in the Capital Region.