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Apr 18, 2005 11:39 AM

Steaks in Stamford

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Having recently been underwhelmed by Bennett's and not feeling that Morton's was quite worth the high price, am seeking alternatives.


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  1. Try Giovanni's on upper Long Ridge Road -- my husband is a big fan of their steaks.

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    1. re: sabra

      Giovanni's is good, but IMHO the dining atmosphere is better at Giovanni's II on the Stamford/Darien line.

    2. are you restricted to just Stamford? There are a few additional places within 20 minutes, just not sure if you need to stay in Stamford.

      In particular, I'm thinking of the Willet House in Port Chester, which I really like. But, don't know if that is outside your location range...

        1. There is NO GOOD steak place in Fairfield County.

          My list of overpriced, overrated, lousy steak places include:

          - Morton's - just plain lousy. Why do people go back here. I stood in front of the kitchen watching them cook the steak, and they did not even look at the ticket to see the correct doneness. Waiter came over and said I need three filets. Three plopped on a plate. No care, no muss.
          - Bennet's - just grind it up and serve it with McD's speacial sauce. Back to the bball court please.
          - Giovanni's - gristle surrounded by bad meat. I guess you have to be up from Florida to think this place is any good.
          - Porterhouse in SONO - too many other good choices in the area to waste on second rate steak

          Maybe the other posters are right and i'll try Portchester. But don't waste your time or money on FFD county steak joints.

          I love too many otherplaces to put the steak establishment in the same category as "good" in my home town.

          1. I don't disagree with you on Bennets,Giovanni's or Porterhouse
            But Morton is just not that BAD,Overrated yea a little,Overpriced, They all are.That being said I have a place for you to try,It's Joseph's Steak house in Bridgeport.The owner is a former waiter at Lugars and It's right up there with all the great steak houses in NYC.

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            1. re: tgseaver

              Where the heck did you find Joseph's, just went to their website and think this may be winner (love the picture). It's a hefty little price tag so the expectations will be super high. Need to figure out how to get there on an expense account.

              BTW, new CEO of Mortons lives in New Canaan. I humbly disagree with you and still keep Morton;s in the "crap" category. Hoepfully new CEO can bring back the magic I remember from the original Mortons in Chi-town in the late 70's.

              1. re: tgseaver

                We tried Joseph's once a couple of years ago and will never go back. Food was quite mediocre, atmosphere worse. It was a Sunday evening and the place was empty with staff that seemed to have no idea what they were doing there. The room is stark and unattractive. Steak no better than any of the other places mentioned here, and sides a lot worse. Nothing was cooked as ordered. Definitely not worth the trip from anywhere.

                1. re: MommaJ

                  I have either taken, sent or went with at least 50 people to Joseph's in the last 3 years,And other then a rare staff issue,Have not gotten the kind of bad feedback you had.Perhaps you should give it a another chance.