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Very unhappy with Malabar Hill

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Big fans of Indian food, but we have discovered that the online takeout menu, which is designed to be printed and faxed to them, has an outdated price list. You are supposed to call after faxing, which we did, but they don't tell you the prices have gone up until you arrive and have to pay the bill, and they won't honor the old prices when you point out the discrepancy. Have been fans of this place for a long time and were very surprised to be treated this way.

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  1. Try Cafe Tandoor in Tarrytown, good food and good service. Also, Bengal Tiger in White Plains, although they don't take reservations and can get quite crowded on weekends.

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      I second Tandoor Cafe - I've posted about it before. Do get the sesame naan, chicken tikka masala, and their eggplant main course - forgot the name.

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        Much has changed since 2005.

        We went to Cafe Tandoor in July 2007. The food was boring and overpriced, the service clumsy and inattentive. We haven't been back.

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          I should have listened to the Chow. We usually eat at Malabar or Royal Palace which have fine lunch buffets. We decided to try Cafe Tandoor for a change. We called in a takeout order at 11:30. The restaurant opens at 12. At 12:45, we were still waiting. I don't know why...we were the only customers in the place. The raw chicken tandoori and heavy too-chewy naan made me almost happy that they had forgotten to include the lamb. The channa masala was decent, but we won't bother going back unless I hear there's a new chef.

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        Deborah Davidson

        Try Patang on Central Avenue. www.patangcuisine.com

        We went a couple of weeks ago and enjoyed it very much. Went on a Sat nite, they had live music (nice soft sitar, not intrusive), and the service and food were very good. Check at the front door before you walk in. If you see a Restaurant Preview Magazine, there's a coupon in there for 15% off eat in or 10% off take out.

        1. That's the least of it. I've long felt that the prices were high for what it is - but, that's Westchester. Last week had some takeout and was amazed how little I got - how lacking in taste - at a higher than ever price. The masala dosa, formerly a good blend with waves of heat and tastes, seemed 25% less dosa with a price jump from $7.50 or 7.95 to just under $10. What's worse, it tasted like a somewhat spicy, but flat tasting, lump of mashed potatos. The Chicken Tikka masala was tasty, but, again, silly prices when similar, more, and generally better, can be had at the "Yellow cab" Indian's in NYC for over 50% less. After several dozen meals at Malabar Hills since they opened, I've had my last.
          It's back to Bengal Tiger when I can't get my Indian fix in the city.

          1. We went there for dinner last night. Had been going there regularly and always loved the place, but was told that there were new owners with new chefs, new waiters and a new menu. Dishes seems to be about $2-$4 higher! Service was lousy. Food was mediocre. Will not return.

            1. I find that Bengal Tiger in WP never disappoints, and they keep introducing new dishes/regions to their list of specials. Yes, it get's crowded on the weekends, but leave your name and head over to Lazy Boy Saloon for some Belgian Beers before dining and you won't complain.

              1. I have not been to Malabar Hill in years. We used to go there all the time for the lunch buffet. The buffet selection wasn't very good, and they treated you like they were doing you a favor (one time I was there with a large party and they crammed us into a crowded table). We started going to Royal Palace in Greenburgh, and now go to Mughal Palace in Valhalla.

                Interestingly, a number of people I have spoken to about MH also did not care for the way they were treated and had similar stories. Scary to think that it's actually gotten worse.

                1. We were there last Saturday nite (4/09). The service was laughable, except that we were not laughing. The food was OK but not so good as to put up with incompetent waiters who, when they decided to grace our table with their presence, had an attitude as if they wanted to be elsewhere. We certainly did.

                  1. The best Indian food in Westchester is at Tandori, Taste of India restaurant on Main Street in Port Chester.

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                      Why? Tell us aboutr the place. What makes it better than the other mediocre Westchester Indian joints?

                    2. We really like Spice Village which opened recently in Tarrytown near the train station. The food is carefully prepared, the portions are generous and the service is professional. Take-out has been fine also. We are Bengal Tiger regulars but the decor and service (if not the food) has seemed a bit "tired" lately. Although I haven't tried it, I also hear that the lunch bufffet at Spice Village is unusually good.

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                        Do you mean Tuckahoe? I haven't a clue as to where and Indian restaurant in Tarrytown is other than Cafe Tandoor

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                          Spice Village is GREAT!!! I've gone there about three times now, once with a group of 10, once for lunch with a friend for the buffet, and once for takeout and each time the food was fabulous. While the old standbys are on the menu, they also have some interesting and wonderful items that you just don't see at most Indian restaurants.. This place is in Tuckahoe, diagonally across the street from the train station, in a little strip mall. Go to the Carvel store on the corner, and then cross the street.. The owners really aim to please and the service is attentive and pleasant..