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Hungry In Greenwich, CT !

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Just moved to Greenwich, CT and am deperately in the need of some good food recommendations. There seems to be a big drop off here from New York.

Please help!


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  1. hearty chow..at...thataway cafe

    1. Any move to a suburb outside of NYC will be a "big drop off," chow-wise. But, Greenwich Ave has TONS of restaurants, most of which are probably overpriced and swelled with suburbanite singles on the weekends. Despite that, Greenwich probably has a better selection of restaurants than most of the surrounding area.

      As doc said, Thataway's is fine for a casual dinner. The outdoor eating space is beautiful on a summer evening.

      I love Versailles, though I haven't been there in a while. I'm pretty sure they don't serve dinner, but they have nice French lunches and brunch on the weekend.

      Dome is a beautiful space. I think the food was pretty good when I was there a few years ago.

      The Italian place (I want to say it's called something like "Da Vinci"), is also a nice room. The food is good, if not authentic, and a little more on the fancyish side.

      Other than that, I'm not familiar with the other restaurants. Go to Port Chester (right over the border in NY) for some a couple of fancy places or grittier Latin cuisines, or Stamford (up two or three exits on 95) for a slightly wider range of choices. Good luck!

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        I believe Da Vinci is recently closed....

        I had some great (but expensive) sushi at Tengda on Field Point Road (just off Greenwich Avenue) yesterday. The uni was very fresh and the miso soup was streaked with lace mushrooms - delicious!

      2. Hello-
        I moved to Greenwich about 5 years ago and they have many great restaurants. There are quite a few good ones on Greenwich Ave. Dome has closed- but Terra is good, Gingerman is good for bar type food. If you want seafood Elm Street Oyster House is amazing. Baang in Riverside is great also- it's Asian Fusion. Barcelona is good. There are just so many- for very fancy- Rebecca's and Polpo are my 2 favorites- they are on the pricey side, but worth the money- at least in my opinion. There are also a lot of good restaurants in Port Chester and Rye, NY. If you like Mexican- you have to try Boxcar Cantina in Greenwich.

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          As Sara said, while you don't have the 1,000s of choices like you do in NYC, greenwich is by no means a culinary wasteland.

          Greenwich actually has some good restaurants. Kai (I think that is the name) in cos cob on putnam has good sushi. Alta on greenwich ave has good seafood. Terra is good. As can be mediterraneo. For lunch or light dinner try meli-melo, a great crepe place on the avenue. Excellent.

          Agree also with the other recs sara and others have given. (I do have to disagree with Boxcar, though... if you want mexican, don't go anywhere in Greenwich... head to Port Chester or Stamford).

          If you are looking for other international food, then you need to go to port chester or Stamford. Both have excellent food. If it is latin you are looking for, then port chester rivals some of the boroughs given its very small size.

          Stamford also has some good options for a range of restaurants. Good mexican, haitian, etc. Also good italian, fusion, etc. My latest fav is egane (thanks to cteats' tip on this board a while back). Good korean. At the good places in Stamford you get a little more for your money than similar quality places in greenwich.

          That said, Greenwich has some very good high-end places, which Stamford doesn't. Jean-Luis on Lewis St, for one.

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            If you enjoy Italian food, Valbella is my choice. The food is very good and they aim to please. Nice atmosphere and fun too.

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              Adamclyde...I agree about Port Chester. What is your Mexican recommendation in Port Chester? Many thanks.

          2. I'm not an expert, but I'd say Manero's Steakhouse
            is good. They claim to have a "Nationally Famous
            GORGONZOLA CHEESE SALAD". I've had it, it's good, I like their fried onions, too. See website below for address/info:


            Across the border in Port Chester is the Willet House steakhouse. Manero's is like a good family place, Willet is more upscale corporate. Expensive...nickname is Wallet House.

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              I believe Manero's has been closed for some time.

            2. I'm very sorry but Port Chester has the best ribs and hoedown food you will ever find this side of the Mississippi. I live in Stamford but for lunch I go to Bobby Q's if I have time. Go there for ribs!!!

              1. I live in NYC but came out to see the folks last night and we ate at Telluride on Bedford st. in Stamford. The food was well prepared, interesting and flavorful although I have a few minor quibbles with the staff. Perhaps a little expensive for what it is ($25 for pasta and wild boar sausage seemed a little much) I thought I'd mention it because I saw on my way out that Sundays (like Barcelona in Greenwich) are 50% all wines. If you enjoy wine, this can significantly lower your tab...

                1. you'll find lots of threads on food in gwich. my favorite is Rebecca's. Others I like are Gaia and Baang is a blast (similar to China Grill). Henklemann's also hits the list as a CH favorite. I had a deplorable meal at Jean Louis but have also had 4 outstanding meals. Barcelona is a great choice, check out my review on this board (same owner as SONO).

                  You will find people love or hate Valbella (i won't eat there for free) and I heard L'escale has gone downhill pretty far.

                  Also do a search on P'chester, you'll find a lot of young chefs from NY rying their first gig there, way cheaper rents.

                  If your looking for culinary wasteland just go to Stamford. Lots of choices, but few in the caliber of Gwich.

                  1. Appropriately overpriced, but Asisana Cafe had good sushi.

                    Not as good as Kira Sushi in Armonk, but hey you're near Greenwich Ave., seeing and being seen.

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                    1. re: dolores

                      There is a new Kira Sushi in Greenwich and they are really great. and its just off Greenwich Ave on Lewis st

                      1. re: ngimcm

                        I also love Kira Sushi, Asiana is good, try Gaia and L'escale for a nice night out. I;d say venture up to Stamford and to POrt Chester as they have great eats a well. Rye, and White Plains are also not too far off for a good meal!

                        1. re: KarenNYC

                          Live in Greenwich for over 12 years...Agree on Kira, it's my favorite sushi place in town. It's on Lewis Street (across the street from J Crew).

                          1. re: Shalaine

                            I would say try Nessa restaurant in Portchester but went there recently and did not have the greatest meal. I have been a regular there for some time now because the food was just so amazing and consistant but had a not so great meal and found out the chef had left. You can try it anyways but can safely say that the soul that he cooked with has left that restaurant.

                            1. re: jshacker

                              Wow. Nessa just got a glowing recommendation in a free magazine that comes to 'resident' -- InTown. Since I had seen them talked about so often here, I was happy to see them get some recognition.

                              And now the chef has left? Ugh, that is not good. Zen Tango in New Rochelle went from 60 to 0 in 6 seconds when the chef left.

                              1. re: jshacker

                                Oh no - say it ain't so. We really, really liked Nessa. Wrote a longish review about a month ago after we went. I was less impressed with the pasta we had than I was with the chicken and other dishes.

                                Was everything off shacker or just some items?

                                1. re: laylag

                                  No, it all wasn't off, but it was missing the finess that the chef brought to each dish. I'm sure he taught his people well, but the food can only go so long without the creator or the artist or general over looking the food coming out into the dinning room. The menu has not changed at all and I think if it does not, they will be safe for a while.

                                  I would like to find out were the chef has gone, I hope local for selfish reasons.

                                    1. re: Shalaine

                                      This Nessa chef thing has gotten a little more attention then I even thought it would.

                                      The chef is definitely gone. Just in a passing conversation a friend mentioned he dined there recently and the waiter mentioned the chef has "packed his knives" and moved on.

                                      1. re: jshacker

                                        I went here tonight...let me just say, that wonderful chef has most certainly left the building. Not good.

                      2. Not sure if you have a car (2+ years later...)---for places on/near the Ave:

                        For great bar food-do NOT go to Thataways. Try their sister restaurant, Sundown Saloon for some sliders or buffalo tips. Better yet, around the corner on Railroad is McDuff's--the service might be a little slow but they are friendly and their burger & fries are great. They also have good shepherd pie (comes out boiling hot), fish & chips, & thin crust pizza. Did I mention they have the best fries in town?

                        For a reasonable French meal try Figaro next to Haagen-Dazs. There is a small terrace out back & the service is good since the owner is usually there. Steak Frites with a glass of house wine, you're under $50 w/ tip.

                        Manero's has been closed for a while--some of the people who used to work there opened up a new place across the street from House of Fins/Bruce Park Grill (they have decent individual pizzas). Greenwich Prime Meats- it closes at 6pm every day. 861.6328 Their sandwiches are on wedges and are known for their fried onions & steak sauce.

                        Jean-Louis is great if you get on their email list and go to their wine/food pairings (usually on a Weds night every other month). Not only do they do a great job with the pairings, it's a good way to meet people since they usually seat you at a table of 8. It's usually much less than buying a la carte.

                        One of favorite places to go is Meli-Melo, They're quick & have good crepes & sorbets.

                        Used to like Bruckners until they messed up a co-worker's lunch and were not apologetic at all--so now they're in the box.

                        No great Chinese food places in town (I'm Chinese) but the only one I go to is Hunan Gourmet. Otherwise, I get fried rice at Penang, but my brain rebels at paying almost $10 for fried rice. If you go Sat afternoon, you can order from their lunch menu. I'm not a huge fan of Asiana.

                        L'Escale is great for (pricey) drinks in the summer since you're outdoors on the water, but their bar area inside is too loud.

                        $7 Lunch specials at Pasta Vera are great but I think it's only on weekdays.

                        Although Greenwich doesn't have a lot of cheap eats, I think there are plenty of restaurants for it's size.

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                        1. re: Shalaine

                          Meli-Melo is absolutely wonderful! Great soups. great crepes, but my absolute fave is their savory crab crepe served over a beautiful salad. Unfortunately I rarely go here because it can get so crowded during lunch hours.

                          I also agree that Hunan Gourmet is the only acceptable place to get Chinese food.

                          MacDuff's has a wonderful wedge salad that I get every time I go there, as well as good sliders. Good people, so I like this place despite my not being a huge fan of most bar food. I have heard good things about their Shepherd's pie and mushroom pizza.

                          1. re: triplb333

                            I also agree that Hunan Gourmet is the only acceptable place to get Chinese food...not true..panda pavillion is good also