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Apr 1, 2005 01:24 AM


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I have to take my daughter up to Albany one day next week for an overnight visit at SUNY, so I'll be by myself for one night. Can someone recommend someplace decent to eat at? I'll be by myself :-(. Looking on Rewards Network I found some brew pub that looked interesting, I forget the name. I actually wanted to try Ono's the last time we were up there, but they've apparently closed.

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  1. What cuisine and what price range? If you would have liked Yono's restaurant (I think that's the one you mean) you would probably like My Linh, an upscale Vietnamese place in the South End. But there are a lot of great choices for a solo diner, including a few brewpubs. Best brewpub for food in Albany is Albany Pump Station, which you would probably like a lot.

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      Well, I never did get up to Albany in April. About 10 hours after I posted my inquiry, I broke my elbow, which required 7 hours of surgery. My daughter decided to go to SUNY Albany anyway, and we are heading up there for orientation next week. This time I will have my wife with me (and likely my 14 year old son as well) so my requirements are somewhat different. My Linh looks good, but I am not sure they'd be interested in that. On the other hand, the Albany Pump Station looks great, based on the menu on their website (which claims to be from 2004, hopefully it is still similar). We've had great luck eating at brewpubs in the past (most notably Dogfish Head in Rehoboth Beach, DE), even though we don't drink beer, so I think that is where we will be eating.

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        I'd recommend New World Bistro on Delaware Ave. near the Spectrum Theatre. Also, Van's Vietnamese on Central Ave. which IMO is better and more authentic and much cheaper than My Linh's. Another more elegant place you should try is Dale Miller's on Pearl.

      2. re: PZ

        Anyone have an opinion on Barcelona on Western Avenue?

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          chixlegs, never heard of Barcelona. Is it new?

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            Maybe 5 years old? Haven't tried it, friends like it.

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              Thanks. Another for the list. Heading Upstate Wednesday night. Really want to check out Marisa's and CCK . . .drove by Gershon's last week but parking on Union Street is impossible.

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                Seriously, you didn't miss anything by missing Gershon's. It's another one of those "good for Albany" places.

                I still need to check out Old World Provisions. I have hope that can save the Albany Deli scene. We'll see.

      3. I second Bill's recommendation of My Linh - see link below. The Pump Station has good beer, and their food is a step above the usual pub grub - see their website at Malt River brewpub at Latham Circle Mall has good food, but I don't care for their beer.


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          Hudson Harbour - downtown Albany, good food (emphasis on standard fare), well prepared, pleasant ambiance and for Albany a plus since there is parking in the back - not usual in the downtown area. The Pump House is good too but is definitely not dining and the sevice needs a lot of help. Jack's Oyster House is an Albany classic - also in the downtown area. I can't comment on My Linh except to say it seems to be popular for that cuisine.

          1. My Linh's is an excellent choice. In my opinion, it is one of the area's best restaurants. It is my favorite Vietnamese restaurant in any location- not just the Albany area. Due to the friendliness of the staff, it would be a comfortable environment for dining alone.

            Sitar on Central Avenue is a good choice for Indian food.
            If you are interested in a particular cuisine, please post more information.

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            1. re: JS

              A restaurant that opened recently in Latham, Karavelli, at the intersections of 9R and Johnson Rd. blows the socks off all the other Indian choices in the area. Terrific South Indian cuisine, off the menu or off the buffet, hospitable staff. Highest recommendation.

              1. re: PZ

                Also highest prices! At least twice the price of other Indian restaurants in the area. I haven't eaten there but did look at the menu when considering carryout one night. Tell me, is the better quality worth the extra price? Are the portions that much larger? I definitely would like to try it if it's worth it.

                1. re: Amy

                  I haven't done takeout from their. Portions off the menu are large, though, but much, much better than say, Latham Biryani, which might be an alternative you'd consider. I do think that the $10 lunch buffet is worth more than twice as much as the cheaper buffet at LB, and it's different every day. These are guys who really care about what they are cooking. I repeat the recommendation.

                  1. re: PZ

                    Thanks for the additional info. We don't like Latham Biryani so that wouldn't be a comparison anyway. Had one mediocre buffet experience and one horrific takeout service experience there and don't intend to repeat either one. Although they do have new owners, so you never know. We like Curry House on Madison, but are getting tired of the same old menu. So maybe we will try Karavalli one of these days when we're feeling like big spenders. I'm attaching the link to Karavalli's web site, although none of the links (menu, directions, etc) were working yet last time I checked.


                    1. re: Amy

                      I've eaten at the Curry House a number of times, and enjoy it. But there's really no comparison; this is a serious restaurant. I don't make the recommendation lightly. Enjoy, and let us know how you like it.


                      1. re: PZ

                        Agreed about Karavalli - I've been there almost once a week on a regular basis since they've opened, and having lived in the Capitol Distruct all of my life, and tried just about every Indian/Pakistani place around, THIS PLACE IS THE BEST. HANDS DOWN. The fact that at least 50% of their clientele at any given time is Indian or Pakistani (people that KNOW what's authentic!) speaks for itself. Their Saturday and Sunday lunch buffet is also especially phenomenal, with complementary potato stuffed bread, and fresh, hot, buttered naan brought to your table. And, at (regular, non buffet) dinner, the enormous vegetable and meat samosas are *HIGHLY* recommended!!!!

                        1. re: Ben

                          The menu is worth reading just for the pleasure of reading it. This place has to have the best Calcuttan Jewish dishes in the central Latham area! And that's just from the Specialties of the Jews of Calcutta part of the menu!

                          1. re: Ben

                            Great food....Karavalli is definitely the best Indian restaurant in the entire Upstate ...I felt it is better than most of Indian restaurants even in NY city.I don't like to go to anyother Indian restaurants after tasting Karavalli....

                        2. re: Amy

                          I LOVE KARAVALLI, it is the best indian food in albany, and i have tried them all, believe me. The best, most gormet and tasty food in all of albany.

                2. Try Pepper Jacks. They have a great cheese-steak and excellent soups and wraps. Prices are low and food is good.