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Mar 30, 2005 02:54 PM

Have there been no good new restaurants in southern Nassau County in the last 30 years???

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I grew up in Baldwin and moved to CA 22 years ago where I have become a "Foodie."

I don't want to seem like a snob but every time I go back home to visit, my family takes me to the same places that were considered "hot" and new when I was a kid. They think I'm difficult when I have trouble finding options on these menus. I try not to roll my eyes when every salad on the menu consists of iceberg lettuce, deep fried fish and overcooked chicken covered in creamy sauces. There is also always the obligatory fine cut of steak though.

Eating habits, menus and dacor have changed everywhere else in the country within this time frame, I can't imagine that there haven't been trendier, healthier and lighter style eateries on the Long Island restaurant scene. This is NY afterall!!

Any ideas on where I can steer the family next time I'm in southern Nassau?

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    1. re: steve

      For the most part I tend to agree. However Rockville Ctr. imo has it's share of pretty good choices. For good Italian I like Dodici and Dario. George Martin is good for american and Waterzooi is an offshoot of the Garden city rest. and has wonderful mussels and frites (Belgian). Another fav. is Thom Thom in Wantagh. Half sushi and half steak. On the Asian side their Kung Po Calamarie is to die for. Hope this helps a little.

      1. re: MKS

        FYI Tom is no longer with Star Fish in Merrick.

    2. We do eat differently than California here, no bean sprouts etc. We try to eat healthy at home, and then enjoy eating hearty when out. That's what winter is all about, putting on a few pounds and some baggy clothes. Probably natural in northern climates. I enjoy the seasons, but also understand that some people want it to be the same all the time too. In the summer I will eat a little lighter, but never as light as California. Winter is always around the corner, thank goodness.

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      1. re: coll

        Bean sprouts,fruits and nuts displayed w/peacock feathers next to the hot tub is also an outdated cliche.

        I'm just referring to seasonal fresh ingredients on menus that have been updated since 1975.

        They think the best restaurants in the area are Alias Smith & Jones (Oceanside) and Jimmy Hayes (Long Beach) and have discussions as to which diner has the best atmosphere.

        1. re: MSK

          Your mention of fresh ingredients brought to mind a few more places. West End Cafe (Carle Place). Trattoria Diane (Roslyn). Mixing Bowl (Merrick). Barneys (Locust Valley). Not all South Shore places but maybe there lies the RUT. Also a trip out to the North Fork may give you a CA feeling with good wines and food to boot!

          1. re: MKS

            Fiddleheads, both locations (Oyster Bay & Huntington) are also excellent.

            1. re: MKS

              Wait... the Mixing Bowl that was just on Kitchen Nightmares??

        2. Nagahama in Long Beach for Japanese, exc. My favorite on the Island. Sit at the Sushi Bar if you can.

          Blue Moon in RVC is also very good for coal brick oven pizza, panini, etc. Although, this will probably be too fattening for you...:)

          Franks Steaks in RVC is also very good. Many other things on the menu, besides steak.

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            TKOPS 180(the kitchen off pine street)West Park Ave in Long Beach serves good food that I would describe as "new american". Nice setting, open kitchen with a modern menu.

            Starfish, Merrick Road, Merrick is a Tom Schaudel (although the guy opens and closes so many restaurants so quickly you never know if he still has anything to do with a place)restaurant. He is a chef that is highly regarded and has run some terrific kitchens. The place is a classic looking chowder/fish house with good seafood, done with a light touch and some updated classics.

            Waterzooi, Park Ave, Rock. Cen. I did not know that they opened a branch of the one in Garden City till I read the earlier post, but if it is as good as the original it is worth going. The one in G.C. is excellent, an attractive interior great mussels and frites with a terrific beer selection.

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            1. re: stuartlafonda

              TKOPS 180 closed a few months ago and reopened as "Magnolia and Pine". Somewhat upscaled menu, same chef, different owners, and trying to establish itself. It may have lost its uniqueness, though I've only been there once or twice since it reopened.

              1. re: Joel

                Sorry, I'm only out there in the summer so I had not heard. I liked TKOP, I thought it provided a good meal at a fair price. Do you have any suggestions for the OP?

                1. re: stuartlafonda

                  If you are interested in a great, small restaurant on the South Shore, then a great bet would be Soigne. It is located in Woodmere. I have beeen going there since George bought it from Blake (Blake's Bistro) 4 years ago. I have never had anything but wonderful food, impeccable service in a most dignified, serene setting and a truly memorable meal. The drinks are huge. Not your small pour. My husband loves their gin Gibsons. His menu is varied and the food is creative. BTW, IMHO, he has the best bread basket this side of creation.

            2. "every time I go back home to visit, my family takes me to the same places that were considered "hot" and new when I was a kid."

              Msk, I'm not trying to be snide, but maybe your parents are in a restaurant rut & just keep going back to the same places since you were a kid. There are many places, Mill River Inn, Panama Hatties, Il Mulino, (and that's just in Nassau)and more that are probably much, much better than the places your folks are going to. In Suffolk, while the atmosphere isn't terrific, I love Kitchen, A Bistro.

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              1. re: synergy

                You're not being're giving me exactly what I asked for. I knew there had to be other options!!

                Thanks chowhounds!