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Mar 28, 2005 02:06 PM

Desperate British housewife seeking scones in Westchester

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Read about this site in a local paper and thought the people here might be able to help.

I have been craving scones (outside the city somewhere in westchester.) I am a big fan of Sarabeths in the city and Tea and Sympathy in the village, but i must admit its a little out of the way.

I have tried them at city limits, balducci's, etc..they are just as vile as starbucks. Any suggestions?

Whats a good British girl gotta do for a good old scone these days?

Mt. Vernon

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  1. Madge, I feel your pain. My boyfriend's half-Scottish, currently living in Glasgow, and I've had my share over there in the past year. The best thing I've found so far, locally, is at a bakery in Elmsford, on Rte. 119, just east of the Rte 9A intersection. The name MIGHT be "Dessert Oasis," or some such. Maybe someone else can help out w/the name. It's about 4 doors east of the Elmsford post office.

    Anyway, they have a really nice, really short, moist-yet-crumbly plain scone (maybe a raisin one too?) But the key is getting there early. I've been there at 10:45am on Saturday mornings, and they are gone.

    Other than that, if you are interested in making your own, my dad makes really good ones; I can e-mail you a recipe if you'd like.

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      I'd love to try your dad's recipe! Any chance you can post it here?

      I have one recipe that's very good from Fine Cooking (article by Ragen Daley), but there's always something better out there. I, too, feel your pain over the search for scones; never have I tasted a decent one outside of my home, but one day soon I'm going to have tea at the Savoy in London and then I'll see how good mine really are.

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        Sure, I've put in a call to get it from Dad! I'll post it on the Home Cooking board, so check there in the next couple of days! I'll title the post "Dad's Scones," something similar.

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          OK, I see how this place works now.

          Never mind, LisaM, I'll figure out on my own how to find your recipe.


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        Dessert Oasis has some amazing stuff, not just the scones. I think it's much better than Riviera in Ardsley.

      3. Have you tried Woodlawn, just over the Yonkers border in the Bronx? On Katonah Ave. there are at least two places to get scones -- the Irish bakery on the corner of 235th St. and Angelica's bakery between 237th and 238th. I would try the Irish bakery first because I know they have a variety of options (with or without sugar, etc.)

        1. My English friend buys scones at Stew Leonard in Yonkers. I have no idea how they are, but she likes them.

          1. We bought some really great scones at the new gourmet market in Brewster (Greene Bros, I believe is the name, it's on Route 6 almost underneath 684). When we were there for the grand opening, there was a guy who owns a commercial bakery in Danbury and makes scones which he said he sells to places in Manhattan, but I think also Hay Day/Balducci's as well (so if you don't like those, this may not be of any help to you). I thought they were excellent, and even bought a couple (I felt guilty after eating so many of the samples). The one I really liked was the ginger flavor. They were definitely not as dry as the ones I've had in the past.

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              I would try the pastry they bring to Riviera. While the stuff they make themselves is nothing to write home about, I was there once and had a really nice tasting scone.

              When I asked them for it on another day, they said they brought them in from Amy's Bread. (Go figure)
              I would also try the bread guys in Portchester, Kneaded Bread. I haven't and neither do I know if they make scones, but if they do, I can assure you they would be extraordinary.

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                coffee lover

                At Zeytinia, the Turkish gourmet market in Croton-on-Hudson, they sell scones baked by a Scottish woman. They are very good. Also, at the tea room in Ossining, Enjoy!!, Susan sells wonderful scones, baked by a young man who evidently left corporate life in order to bake scones and other goodies.