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Mar 10, 2005 05:21 PM

Recs in Yonkers

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Daughter will be inducted into an Honor Society at Manhattan college and we are looking for a nice resturant to visit after the ceremony.
Any recommendations would be appreciated.

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  1. I just recently had lunch at Zuppa on Main St. It is a beautiful restaurant and the food was really great. It would be perfect. Congrats.

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    1. re: Doreen

      Sorry to disagree but I thought the food was second rate during a dinner not long ago. They try way too hard to be Babbo and fall way short.

      1. re: Doreen

        While I haven't been there I know many who have... and who know food... and no one ever wants to go back. It hasn't had any real quality reviews, ever. Mediocre is the main response to this place.

        1. re: The Rogue

          So, where's the recommendations? Was hoping to make a trip to Yonkers to explore new culinary turf...

        2. re: Doreen

          i is is a nice venue..but food is poor

        3. So what type of food are you looking for? That would help us make some recommendations. Otherwise we are shooting in the dark here. Does it have to be Yonkers? Or anywhere in Lower Westchester? Or the Bronx? Where will you be travelling to after dinner? How long a drive to the restaurant from MC is good for you.

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            Any GOOD food is what we're looking for. Wife and I are staying at the Holiday Inn in Yonkers, but we will be driving daughter back to MC regardless of where we eat. Thought of Arthur Ave, but ceremony starts at 7PM and don't know how long it will last.
            Obviously, the closer to MC the better.

          2. I am a big fan of Ya Hala on South Broadway in Yonkers. It's authentic Middle Eastern food. I believe the owner is an Israeli Palestinian, and the food tastes very authentic. I especially like their Shakshooka (tomato/garlic egg dish) and their Foul (lentils over rice, with fried onions) Their baklava and desserts are also fantastic.

            1. If you like Indian food, Patang on Central Avenue in Yonkers is great.

              1. I absolutely love Tres Chaves on Myrtle St.--fabulous Portuguese food hidden behind an unassuming little door. If they have roast suckling pig or the seafood casserole with salsa verde on the specials menu,these are musts. Go early because they make every fresh and run out of the most popular items on busy days.

                I am also a big fan of Ya Hala. Again, the specials are always full of unique flavor, using almonds, lemon, fantastic yogurt sauces --not your typical falafel, hummus choices.