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Feb 28, 2005 01:29 PM

Left Bank in Buffalo, NY

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Has anyone eaten at the Left Bank on Rhode Island in Buffalo, NY? I will be in Buffalo Friday night and would like to try a new place.

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  1. One of my favorite restaurants, never had a bad meal there. You better make reservations soon for Friday night!

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    1. re: marge

      The Left Bank does not have a table for 8. Any other suggestions? What about Toro on Elmwood?

      1. re: Katie

        You could try the Royal Pheasant on Forest. It has recently re-opened under new managementt and has an upscale menu, although not atmosphere like Left Bank or Mother's. I think I would compromise with Romanello's, also on Rhode Island, across from Left Bank. Nice Italian menu and good service and attractive decor. They should not have a problem with a table for eight.

        1. re: Helen

          The Royal Pheasant is an awsome choice. The newmanagement really made difference while keeping with the spirit of the original.

          1. re: Helen

            what about tsunami in kenmore?
            it is by far the best restaurant for 200 miles in any direction, and it's just across the street from buffalo. besides the fresh seafood, the wine list is outstanding. there's no place like it in this city.

            1. re: ryan

              Tsunami has been gone for ssome time. The location is now "Torches" I believe.

      2. b
        Buffalo Diner

        Left Bank gets busy, so make reservations FAST. Wine list is awsome! Alternatives are Hutch's or Mother's

        1. We always enjoy Rue Franklin on Franklin St. (natch) for French. Otherwise Hutch's is a good bet; the owner also has a new upscale Italian on Deleware near Allen in the former location of Biac's, but I can't recall the name right now. Many people like Tsunami, on Kenmore, for asian fusion but we thought is was slightly over-hyped (give me the non-fusion Pho 99 anyday). Have you tried Oliver's or Mother's? And Bacchus, on Chippewa downtown, is a winebar with pretty decent eats.

          Toro was sort of a noisy bar scene with ok food when I was there. I've had a few mediocre experiences at Left Bank, so I'd prefer most of the places I've listed above.

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          1. re: Joe Moryl

            Any Italian food recommendations?

            1. re: Sunkisst

              For Italian I like Lombardo on Hertel and Tempo on Delaware (just north of Allen and run by the same people as Hutch's). I've also heard good things about Trattoria Aroma on Bryant (where Just Pasta used to be) but have not had a chance to eat there yet.

              1. re: jmoryl

                Did Pho open an eatery somewhere around their wholesale store near UB South Campus? I thought it was a shame they were driven out by a parking lot(no pun)

                1. re: buffaloamy1

                  Yes, they have a branch on Bailey, just a couple blocks south of the VA hospital. I think it was there even when the downtown location was open.

          2. I'd suggest you take a look at this site:

            If you want something truly unique, try Salvatore's Italian Garden.