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Feb 2, 2005 12:55 PM

Weddings with great food

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Hi all,

I'm recently engaged (yay!!), and my fiancee and i are looking for an interesting place for our wedding in westchester county. We'd love to have a place with a beautiful outdoor space, possibly a mansion setting. water views would also work well :). But, very importantly, we want a place with good food! I have looked into Tappan Hill (abigail kirsch) and it is the perfect setting, but i heard mixed things about the food. can anyone comment? any other suggestions? our price range is probably about $200 pp, with just about 100 people.

thank you!!

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  1. check out Stone Barns Blue Hill - on the Rockefeller Estate - food is wonderful and setting is lovely.

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    1. re: wurstle

      i have eaten there and actually thought of it. only problem is that they require 120 people (which is actually too many for us), and the flat fee is a more than we'd like to spend. but it is definitely an option if we can swing it, but i might be dreaming :)

      1. re: twiggles

        try the Castle in couldn't ask for a better setting and the food is great. They truly make you feel like a princess. I have been to weddings at Tappan Hill, the food is good, but it is beginning to feel like the same old thing...

        1. re: eatingwell

          We got married at the New York Botanical Garden (in the Bronx) also an Abigail Kirsch facility. They were kind of a pain to negotiate with but absolutely professional and accomodating re: everything else.
          We had a truly fabulous and fun wedding and the food was notably excellent (and we did not get any extras except for a last-minute blow-the-budget martini bar which was a HUGE hit). They are excellent at what they do and the evening went so smoothly-- the catering manager even managed to get car grease/oil off my dress from sliding across the seat of an antique car we had rented!

          All that being said, I've had some outstanding non-event meals at Blue Hill at Stone Barns and Crabtree's Kittle House. You have a lot of great options. Good luck!

    2. Go check out the Lounsbury House in Ridgefield Ct, (I believe it is also known as the Ridgefield Community Center, but don't let the name fool you).

      It is an old victorian-type mansion, formerly owned by an old govenor of Ct., who bequeathedit to the town of Ridgefield.

      Nice lawn, wrap-around porch, etc. They can supply you with a list of caterers, you can bring your own dj or band, etc, so you can save some $$ here and there.

      here is a quote found online:
      Ridgefield Community Center
      This stately mansion was originally built as the residence for Governor Phineus C. Lounsbury in 1893 and named "Grovelawn". In its time, the house coveted many luxurious features such as a windmill, greenhouse, private water supply, bowling alley, and much more. Today it is known as the Community Center and is home to special functions, weddings, antique shows, and the Ridgefield Workshop for the Performing Arts, Inc and other activities.

      1. Hello-
        I just got engaged also and we are looking for the same specs. as you- except our limit is about $125.00 PP for about 180 guests. We have looked at the Greentree Country Club and it is beautiful and the food is great (we went to a wedding there a couple years ago). I am also going to check out Waveny House in New Canaan, CT and the Delmar Hotel in Greenwich.

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        1. re: Sara

          I was married at the Coveleigh Club in Rye in 2002 - food excellent, ambiance elegant.

          1. re: cara

            Is the Coveleigh Club for members only or can non-members have a wedding there too?

            1. re: MHart1

              Also, does anyone know how much Coveleigh charges per person? Thanks!

          2. re: Sara

            Lescale is beginning price of $150 per person. Very expensive. The Waveny house can be rented for $1000 by a New Canaan resident.

          3. does anyone know anything about Crabtree Kittle House? I heard that it might be a good option.

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            1. re: twiggles

              I've been to many an affair at Crabtree's Kittle House over the years. Virtually without exception, I found the food at those Kittle affairs decidedly mediocre. People say eating there on your own nickel can be very good. I've been holding off on spending my own dollars on dinner there, however, based on my string of uninspiring experiences at parties and weddings.

              I regret to tell you that my favorite place for such affairs -- including many lovely weddings and bar mitzvahs - has been Auberge Maxime in North Salem, which has been the site of numerous changes of late, upon which I cannot yet report.

              1. re: twiggles

                We got married at Crabtree in 2003 & the food in our opinion (& that of our guests) was wonderful. We had a buffet option which gave the variety of foods that we needed for a fairly diverse group of guests. Food ranged from seared tuna to roast turkey with lots of variety in between (my husband's family is fairly traditional & my family/our friends were looking for more modern tastes...)

                They took great care of us - we got married on the lawn & then had the cocktail reception outside, with the reception in the room downstairs.

                This worked out wonderfully for us. But I would urge you to visit - the room downstairs is fairly simple & not to everyone's taste - no crystal chandeliers etc...
                We wanted a simple, stylish wedding with many of the details handled by the location & that's what we got.

                We looked into Tappan Hill but were put off by all of the add-on pricing & it seemed a little stuffy/fussy for us..

                Congratulations though!


                1. re: jules

                  we don't want anything too flashy, this might be a great option. thanks!! we will definitely have to go and check out places everyone mentioned, and try lots of samples! :)

                2. re: twiggles

                  food is overrated at crabtrees. and the room for weddings looks more like somebody's rec room in the basement than a nice setting for a reception.
                  with that kind of budget, you're better off someplace else.
                  congrats and good luck

                3. We were married at Wainwright House in Rye. It is a turn-of-the-century mansion on Milton Harbor, with plenty of room indoors or outdoors. It is a beautiful setting.

                  Although this was some years ago, it worked for us because they DON'T supply the catering, meaning you can bring in whoever you want, and won't be stuck with whatever they provide.

                  ยป Wainwright House
                  Phone: (914) 967-6080
                  260 Stuyvesant Avenue
                  Rye, NY 10580

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                  1. re: cteats

                    Wainwright is an amazing venue.. i've been to several events there.. The food it the real star of the show, Corner Stone Caterers in Rye.. delish!