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Jan 16, 2005 08:23 PM

Restaurants in Hudson Valley

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Looking for a list of restaurants in the Hudson Valley (Say: North of Tarrytown and South of Hudson) I say a top 5 or whatever list you would like to include.

Also looking for information on a little restaurant called Cafe S in Woodstock at the Woodstock Golf CLub. Wondering if any knows anything about it... I was invited there for dinner with a few friends and trying to figure out what to order or what to expect.

My top 5 list of best restaurants is as follows: In no Particular order.

El Danzante Kingston- Love there tamales and their mole
Joshua's enjoy the apps
New World Fun atmosphere, spicy food, flavored food
ARoma THyme fancier, fun, good food
Twist Nice seafood

Any other ideas would be GREAT


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  1. Your 5 choices are good ones. Also include "The Hoffman House" on North Front Street, in Kingston. Good American style food in a historic building. I don't know much about Cafe S at the Woodstock Golf Course, but always good is the Bear Cafe, in Bearsville. And lastly "Terrapin" in Rhinebeck is a treat. Enjoy!

    1. Some great places already mentioned, but in the spirit of the "list" I'll try not to repeat...hmmm, let's see:

      Sweet Sue's, Phoenicia--incredible breakfasts
      Julia & Isabella's, Red Hook--great food for cheap
      Deisings, Kingston--great homemade soups, sandwiches, etc
      Hickory, Rte 28, Kingston--great BBQ and friendly service
      La Duchesse Anne, Mt Tremper--romantic, authentic French

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        Loved it- was elegant but was dampened by a family in there eating with a child who was a bit rambunctous (?).

        1. re: Betsy

          Julia and Isabella's closed and has been replacedwith Tip Pan Alley. I have eaten here twice, bland, unimaginative food. Would not go back.

        2. These are my favorites....
          -Terrapin in Rhinebeack
          -Ugly Gus in Kingston
          -LeCanard in Kingston
          -Stellas in Kingston
          -Tomo Sushi in Saugerties

          1. Beso's, New Paltz--best calamari, romantic, wonderful everything
            Madelyn's Table, Tivoli -- fun, good food and the bar,and the porch
            Le Petit Bistro, Rhinebeck --real french bistro for great steak frites, and any fish special,mmmmm
            Barnstormer , Newburgh --overlook the fact that it is in the Target Plaza, the lack of ambiance and focus on some of the best Kansas City (wet) BBQ (if you want ambience try Max's Memphis in Red Hook much more upscale--cloth napkins versus the roll of paper towel on the table )
            And for my last choice its between The Red Onion outside of Woodstock and Peekamoose in Big Indian--both are dining destinations that we love Peekamoose has to die for desserts and there is usually fresh game on the menu. Red Onion has a wonderful squid ink pasta when its on the menu ...mmmmm

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            1. re: maggiekismet

              I add a note about Beso's the website may be down but the restaurant is open. Very nice all around. I cant wait to go back to New Paltz to visit that restaurant again!

              1. re: scharffenberger

                I would say In the Hudson Valley Orange county there are two places that are good.

                Jolly Onion Inn in Pine island
                Middletown Holiday Inn - Bavarian Garden restaurant small place but good German food.

                1. re: Tupstate

                  I like the Jolly Onion too, but if you go there bring an appetite. The food is rich and heavy.

                  But Orange County's greatest standout is the Iron Forge Inn ( in Bellvale. The food is creative, fresh, and utterly superb. My husband and I make any excuse we can for a trip there (we live in Westchester). I went there for my birthday in July and DH had the chef come out to meet me. I was an utter stuttering fool because it felt like meeting a celebrity. The atmosphere is wonderfully homey and the service is topnotch.

            2. The American Bounty Room at the Culinary Institute is quite good. You may need to plan ahead as it can be tough to get a reservation at the last minute.